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Boeing ambiguity, KOMO-TV axed, life in 2050…

Thursday, October 31, 2013   BOEING   ► In today’s Seattle Times — Much 777X detailed design to be done outside Puget Sound region — Boeing told its employees Wednesday that “much of the detailed design work” on its new 777X widebody jet would be done outside the Puget Sound area. However, the head of […]

Washington state is the clear choice for building the 777X

By DAVID GROVES EVERETT, Wash. (Oct. 31, 2013) — Perhaps as soon as next month, The Boeing Co. will announce where it will assemble the 777X, a stretched version of the 777 wide-body twin-engined jet built here in Everett. The company is expected to formally launch the 777X program at the Dubai Air Show that […]

Teamsters call on Darigold to return to bargaining

The following is from Teamsters Local 117: TUKWILA (Oct.31, 2013) — Teamster production workers and lab technicians, employed by Darigold, met throughout the day Wednesday to discuss the company’s last contract proposal. The union challenged the notion that the negotiations process is exhausted and called on Darigold to return to the bargaining table immediately. “Darigold […]

Grocery vote, road woes, crappy health plans, staffed NLRB…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013   LOCAL   ► In today’s News Tribune — Union voting continues on grocery contract; results out on Thursday — Union grocery workers in the Puget Sound area began voting Tuesday on a contract offer from four major supermarket chains. Voting will continue through Wednesday, with the results available Thursday morning. […]

Heck, Kilmer, Larsen side with GOP, Wall St. on deregulation

UPDATE — The following story has been updated to include that Democratic Rep. Derek Kilmer also voted “yes” on HR 2374. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 30, 2013) — The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved labor-opposed legislation pushed by Wall Street banks that would make it harder for the Department of Labor to approve regulations protecting […]

Sakuma suit, ballot trends, 777X hand-wringing, Make ‘Em Pay…

Tuesday, October 29, 2013   LOCAL   ► At — Skagit farmworker fight moves to federal court — A Sakuma Brothers Farms berry picker has sued his employer, claiming he and others at the embattled Skagit County farm were unfairly denied pay and breaks. Filing a potential class action lawsuit, Sakuma employee Raul Merino Paz […]

Many corporate ‘Bishops of Bling’ deserve to be banished as well

By LEO W. GERARD Pope Francis has the antidote for what ails the United States. He gave the Catholic Church’s 1.2 billion followers a dose last week when he suspended the Bishop of Bling. The German bishop, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, bought himself a $20,000 bathtub while spending $42 million renovating his residence. It’s an echo […]

Alaska Airlines fighting to keep wages low

By DAVID GROVES The Stand OLYMPIA (Oct. 29, 2013) — Deep-pocketed corporate interests are now filing their Public Disclosure Commission reports indicating how much last-minute money they are pumping into initiative campaigns, and the numbers are truly alarming. In the case of labor-supported measure to label genetically engineered foods, The Seattle Times reports today: Bankrolled […]

Minimum wage, food money, corporate 0%-ers…

Monday, October 28, 2013   LOCAL   ► In today’s Yakima H-R — Is minimum wage increase a boon or bane for business? — As it has almost every year since a voter-approved initiative created the law in 1998, the state’s minimum hourly wage will increase from $9.19 to $9.32, based on the federal Consumer […]

Sign petition supporting Darigold workers who may face lockout

The following is an open letter from Henning Jensen, a production worker at Darigold, where a contract vote is set for this Wednesday, Oct. 30 on the company’s final offer. You can show your support for Henning and the rest of the Darigold workers by signing this petition and telling Darigold management to stop mistreating […]


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