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Buy union: Support good jobs as you celebrate Labor Day

The following is from Labor 411: Labor Day is the unofficial end of Summer, and it shouldn’t take a lot of… er… labor to make it one to remember. There are plenty of ways to commemorate the holiday, from enjoying a parade and chilling at the beach to hanging around the campfire and grilling at […]

Buy union-made back-to-school supplies

(July 28, 2017) — We know, it’s still July. But stores are already setting up their back-to-school sales for parents to purchase supplies that their students will need for the academic year that begins in the fall. When you do your shopping, make sure you buy school supplies that are union-made in America! Here is […]

Celebrate Mom, support good union jobs while you’re at it

The following is from the AFL-CIO: You have no excuse for waiting until the last minute to find a nice gift for Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14) that also carries the union label. Our friends at Labor 411, the union business directory from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, can help you out. If you want to […]

Buy Union: Shamrock your way to a stronger America

The following is from Labor 411: We love the luck of the Irish, but on St. Patrick’s Day, Labor 411’s selection of more than 250 beers produced by union companies is more valuable than a truckload of four leaf clovers. Check out our list of brews and accompanying St. Pat’s Day meal choices below. Flaunt […]

Romance your way to a stronger America

(Feb. 13, 2017) — Why not give your valentine some union-made sweets this Feb. 14, toast your love with champagne that carries a union label, or touch up your pheromones a bit with some smell-good union-made scents? It turns out there are many union-made treats you can give out on Valentine’s Day. The iconic Necco […]

Buy Union for your Super Bowl gatherings

(Feb. 1, 2017) — Our beloved Seattle Seahawks didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, but many of us will still be among the millions of who will tune in to watch Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots this Sunday. In fact, many of will be hosting […]

A Thanksgiving feast that supports good jobs

The following is from AFL-CIO Now: (Nov. 21, 2016) — As you put together your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list, check our list of union-made in America food and other items that are essential to a traditional family Thanksgiving feast. Speaking of thanks, a big thank you to the Union Label and Service Trades Department (ULSTD), Union […]

How to fly union: Just avoid Delta, JetBlue

The following is crossposted (with permission) from the Northwest Labor Press. (Nov. 3, 2016) — At a time when just 6.7 percent of America’s private sector workers belong to a union, passenger airlines are one of the few remaining heavily-unionized industries. Three of the top four carriers are at or above 80 percent unionized. Their […]

Halloween is for Dum Dums and Smarties

(Oct. 25, 2016) — If you want your Halloween to be all treats and no tricks, make sure all your candy is union-made in America. The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s resource site, Labor 411, has a list of union-made candies, as does Union Plus. Here are some highlights, featuring sweets made by the Bakery, […]

Make your back-to-school shopping union-made

The following is from AFL-CIO Now: (Aug. 26, 2016) — Around the country, classes are starting up again, students are getting ready to learn once more and parents are rushing out to buy the supplies their children need for school. When shopping for those necessary items, you can make sure that your purchases support working […]


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