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‘Land of the Free’ still far from ensuring Black Lives Matter


By JOHN BURBANK (July 1, 2015) — As we celebrate our nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July, perhaps we should do some reflecting about our nation, especially as we consider last month’s murder of nine black citizens in South Carolina. Our forefathers declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are […]

In waning years, all Mike wants is the safe haven of his union


By KEN WINKES (June 24, 2015) — Want to know how vital unions are to working people? Let me tell you a story about an old man and his dreams. Now near 90 years old, he lies in bed, wishing he could live somewhere else, maybe in a carpenter’s home. That’s what he told me […]

Letting wealthy to avoid paying their fair share grinds us down


By JOHN BURBANK (June 18, 2015) — It’s a good time to talk about money, who has it and who doesn’t, especially with the Legislature at loggerheads about the budget. Why? Because the taxes that fund our state’s budget come largely from the money we all spend. Notice I wrote “money we all spend,” not […]

As state shutdown looms… sounds of silence from Olympia


By BILL LYNE (June 17, 2015) — A spectre haunts Olympia, the silent spectre of politicians and their overlords grappling to deal with a world that’s changing before their eyes. A couple of weeks ago, the white smoke emerged from the governor’s office, signaling that the cabal of budget negotiators had come to an understanding […]

Fast Track: Will Obama, House decide to go soft on slavery?


By STAN SORSCHER (June 5, 2015) — Trade deals write the rules for globalization. That is, they determine who will be winners, and who won’t. Under NAFTA-style trade deals, the winners have been pharmaceutical companies, big polluters, banks, and companies like Nike who scour the earth for the lowest wages, and weakest regulations. One ray […]

Let’s set a maximum wage for CEOs who harm public good


By JOHN BURBANK (June 4, 2015) — It’s an ode to cognitive dissonance when pundits come out swinging (rhetorically) against a strong minimum wage or decent pensions for everyday working people but don’t even bat an eyelash at big-time CEOs who take home millions of dollars a year or outsource local jobs — especially when […]

As DelBene backs Fast Track, trade talking points belie reality


By JEFF JOHNSON (June 3, 2015) — Yesterday, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-1st) called to let me know that she was about to tell me something I didn’t want to hear. She has decided to vote for “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority legislation. Her part of the conversation was similar to what I heard from Washington’s […]

I’m leaving the Labor Center, so Director position is now open


By SARAH LASLETT (May 21, 2015) — I will be leaving the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center at South Seattle College this summer. It has been a privilege and honor to lead the Labor Center over the last five years and my great pleasure to get to know so many of you who […]

New state law helps employers help workers save for retirement


By JOHN BURBANK (May 20, 2015) — When you think about retirement, you can imagine a life in which you are freed from decades of work, having to put up with a bad boss or difficult co-workers, be able to take your time waking up in the morning, and go for a walk, a bicycle […]

If only Secretary Kerry met with workers about Fast Track, TPP


By JEFF JOHNSON (May 19, 2015) — I wish that the Honorable Secretary of State John Kerry was visiting Washington at a site other than the Boeing Company and for purposes other than speaking about Fast Track and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Secretary probably won’t see workers, including machinists and engineers, community and […]


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