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Republicans on silica: It’s OK for corporations to kill people


By LEO W. GERARD (April 27, 2016) — Alan White couldn’t shout jubilation from the rooftop on March 25 when he heard that the U.S. Department of Labor, after decades of trying, had finally issued a stricter rule to limit exposure to potentially deadly silica dust in workplaces. He was happy, all right. After all, […]

Jim McNerney’s legacy at Boeing: $29 billion in 787 bills


By DAVID GROVES (April 21, 2016) — Bloomberg reports that Boeing Co. shares tumbled Wednesday after an analyst downgraded the stock to “underperform” and said the company stood little chance of fully recovering the $32 billion that’s been sunk into developing the 787 Dreamliner jet. Despite the company’s assurances, some analysts believe the 787 will […]

I-1433 will help ensure our economy works for us


By JOHN BURBANK (April 20, 2016) — What is the value of work? Is it what you get paid? Economists trained to embrace the private market simply equate the value of your work with your wage. It’s simple, easy to understand… and wrong. That equation is built on the theoretical idea of an economy with […]

The racist past and present of ‘right-to-work’ laws


By JOHN BOYLE and MICHAEL HUREAUX (April 19, 2016) — Of all the language-twisting political slogans of our time, few have had so long a lease on life as the phrase “right-to-work.” Right-to-work laws (RTW) are rooted in the quest for super-exploited labor. They are used to justify racial exclusion, destroy established collective bargaining agreements, […]

Happy Tax Day! Our community finances a buffet of services


By JOHN BURBANK (April 15, 2016) — I recently found myself working on my taxes during some beautiful sunny weather — while wishing I’d done them the week before, when it was raining! It’s too bad paying taxes feels like such a solitary activity, because it’s really a community endeavor. I think of it like […]

Naval Base Kitsap PLA is a model for the nation


By DEREK KILMER and LEE NEWGENT (April 13, 2016) — With the airwaves and headlines cluttered with speculation about what a Donald Trump presidency would look like, some folks have forgotten that President Obama still has nine months in office. We can do a lot in that time to make progress on behalf of workers. […]

Mass employment, not mass incarceration


By JEFF JOHNSON (April 11, 2016) — AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has called for labor to take on the fight for criminal justice reform: a reform that calls for “mass employment, not mass incarceration.” Last Thursday, I joined leaders from the AFL-CIO, international unions, Free America, and R&B sensation John Legend for a tour of […]

Run the city for $15,000/year! (Bring your own desk and staff.)


By NICK LICATA (March 31, 2016) — Last week, I spent a few days in Indianapolis talking to their city council members and constituents. I was there as the keynote speaker for Butler University’s traditional Peace Week to talk about citizen activism. Indianapolis is the archetype city for those who want to shrink government. They […]

America’s racism, divisiveness is wearing on our constitution


By JOHN BURBANK (March 23, 2016) — During this strange presidential campaign, several candidates are spouting wishful thinking about what our nation’s founders believed. Consider this:   “Ted Cruz has spent a lifetime fighting to defend the Constitution. Our nation’s founding document and the supreme law of the land was crafted by our Founding Fathers to […]

It’s up to Republicans to hold Rep. Matt Shea accountable


INTRODUCTION by Jeff Johnson, President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO: Today’s Republican Party is struggling for its identity. Bigotry, hatred, and xenophobia fueled by presidential hopefuls is moving the party further away from the Lincoln ideal expressed in his 1858 “A House Divided” speech. Just as the national Republican Party needs to figure […]



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