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Fearing raises for low earners, ignoring obscene pay of 1%


By LEO W. GERARD (April 22, 2014) — Republicans in America suffer a crippling anxiety. It’s the terrible fear of corporations paying poor workers too much. The GOP is so afraid that the nation’s lowest wage earners will get a raise that Republican politicians across the country are working overtime to outlaw wages above $7.25 […]

Don’t third-party THE union… make OUR UNION stronger


(April 17, 2014) — When was the last time you heard someone ask, “What does the union do for me?” Pretty recently, I would bet and, if you’re like me, it’s not a question that makes you feel good about being a union supporter. If that question rubs you the wrong way, there’s a good […]

The Republican budget plan is Robin Hood in reverse


By LEO W. GERARD (April 15, 2014) — Rejecting dozens of heroic characters, from Captain America to Underdog, Republicans last week chose instead a villain for their figurehead. They selected Prince John, the guy who coddled the rich and tried to crush Robin Hood. House Republicans voted to elevate Prince John as their champion when […]

It’s time to admit it: Affordable Care Act is working


By JOHN BURBANK (April 10, 2014) — The promise of the Affordable Care Act has been a long time coming — but it’s finally here. Now that the initial health coverage sign-up period has ended, it’s a good time to take stock of actual impacts. Over the past four years the Affordable Care Act has […]

Think what ‘less government’ means before you fight for it


By JOHN BURBANK (Mar. 28, 2014) — The Koch brothers are oil tycoons from Wichita. They inherited their oil company and initial wealth from their dad. They are multibillionaires intent on financing multimillion-dollar campaigns to elect politicians who want “less government.” Sometimes our mutual reliance on government becomes most clear in tragedy. The whole nation […]

Fast-tracking TPP would cost Oregon, nation even more jobs


By GREG PALLESEN (Mar. 28, 2014) — There are lots of reasons to believe the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement will be bad for Oregon’s working families. Leaked texts raise concerns about everything from higher medicine costs to lower environmental protections. Still, for most Oregonians, there is one TPP concern that likely rises […]

Rep. Smith co-sponsors bill to Scrap the Cap on Social Security


By ROBBY STERN (Mar. 27, 2014) — This past weekend, Rep. Adam Smith (D-9th) announced at his town hall meeting that he would co-sponsor the Strengthening Social Security Act, HR 3118, becoming the third member of Washington’s Congressional delegation to support this legislation. Along with Reps. Jim McDermott (D-7th) and Rick Larsen (D-2nd), Smith has […]

U.S. deportation policy immoral, inhumane


By JEFF JOHNSON (Mar. 26, 2014) — Can you imagine being separated from your family for months because a lapsed driver’s license led to an immigration status check? Can you imagine having seven minutes to make your case for staying in the country before being deported? Can you imagine be forced to work for a […]

Corporate America can, must pay fairly for overtime work


By LEO W. GERARD Republicans despise America’s poor and jobless. The GOP made that perfectly clear by repeatedly denouncing them and cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits. But last week, Republicans revealed that they also hate hard-working Americans! Republicans condemned President Obama for proposing to extend mandatory overtime pay to more workers. The GOP doesn’t […]

With some political will, we can make college affordable again


By JOHN BURBANK (Mar. 13, 2014) — There is a new study out that shows that low-income students who get free tuition are more likely to go to college. That piece of common sense stood up to the investigation of six academic researchers. They could have just asked their neighbors. The program these researchers were […]


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