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Getting beyond the usual suspects at your union activities


(July 18, 2014) — Are you one of the usual suspects? You know what I mean — someone who shows up at the union meetings, goes to rallies, participates in lobby days, and when your rep calls, you usually answer the phone, or at least listen to the voicemail. Are you also one of those […]

State should follow Seattle’s lead, increase minimum wage


By JOHN BURBANK (July 17, 2014) — If you are awake at 4 a.m. these days, you will notice the sky is already getting a little light. As you go to sleep at 11 p.m., you can still make out some light in the night sky. We are at the beginning of our summer in […]

Our economic independence taken by right-wing extremists


By LEO W. GERARD (July 10, 2014) — Americans devoted last Friday to celebrating independence. Flags and fireworks, picnics and pledges of allegiance abounded. But there’s no liberty and justice for all if Americans aren’t economically independent. Low wages, debts and dim prospects all subjugate. This is the condition of a shocking number of Americans […]

Civil War to Civil Rights Act, but millions still disenfranchised


By JOHN BURBANK (July 3, 2014) — One hundred and fifty one years ago this week the pivotal battle of the Civil War was fought, as Union soldiers succeeded in holding off Confederate charges on Little Round Top at Gettysburg. If the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment had been overrun by southern troops, the Confederacy […]

Immigration reform: A year of shameful GOP obstruction


By RICHARD TRUMKA (June 30, 2014) — America’s greatest moments have come when we summon our better angels, when our messy democracy produces a shared vision for the next chapter in the American story. Immigration reform presents such a moment. Fixing our broken system and creating a road map to citizenship for 11 million people […]

Class of 2014 has lived through real world lesson in economics


By JOHN BURBANK (June 19, 2014) — Last week I got to watch the seniors at Ballard High School graduate into the next phase of their lives. They were happy. They had more than just made it through their childhoods. Some graduates had learned differential equations. Some, perhaps almost all, now know how to write […]

Vision 2025: Access to Social Security at stake


By J. DAVID COX (June 18, 2014) — There’s been lots of debate and discussion lately about how to shore up Social Security for future generations. But already there are dramatic changes underway that threaten to end Social Security as we know it — yet almost no one has even heard of it. The plan […]

Local forums boost movement to strengthen Social Security


By ROBBY STERN (June 13, 2014) — The goal of preserving and strengthening Social Security and passing it on to future generations continues to gain momentum. On June 4th and 5th, Social Security Works WA, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI), and National Organization for Women (NOW) sponsored two well-attended forums. […]

Tomás Villanueva: A life well spent fighting for dignity


UPDATE: A memorial service for Tomás Villanueva will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 21 at Toppenish Middle School’s gymnasium, 104 Goldendale Ave. in Toppenish, WA. By JEFF JOHNSON (June 11, 2014) — Last week a working class hero died. Tomás Villanueva, longtime farm worker leader, advocate and organizer in the Yakima Valley, […]

McCabe’s Freedom Foundation plans legal assault on labor


By DAVID GROVES (June 9, 2014) — Unions in Washington state: prepare to get sued in the name of freedom! For what, you ask? It doesn’t matter. The Freedom Foundation will come up with something, as long as it fulfills their new Litigation Attorney’s mission to “defund and discredit the union political machine.” “Litigation is […]


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