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State must consider income tax through lens of 21st century

By JOHN BURBANK (May 19, 2017) — One hundred and twenty one years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was legal. Its decision, in Plessy vs. Ferguson, became the law of the land, embedding Jim Crow laws and habits in the South and the North, disenfranchising blacks, creating separate and inferior public […]

AT&T outsourcing hurts workers, customers

By CARISSA CURMAN-MOORE EVERETT (May 17, 2017) — I’m a call center auditor at AT&T in Bothell, and every day I review thousands of customer interactions all over the country. I’ve been with the company for almost four years and love my job, but the truth is that my co-workers and I, and the customers […]

Why Union Summer is so important to organized labor

By SAMANTHA GRAD (May 11, 2017) — Last year I had the privilege of serving as the Field Director for Raise Up Washington, the coalition behind the successful higher minimum wage and paid sick leave initiative. Through the campaign I was introduced to the Union Summer program. Many of our union partners participated in Union […]

Federal, state Medicaid cuts are the real ‘death panels’

By BRENDAN WILLIAMS (May 10, 2017) — When the Affordable Care Act was debated in Congress, many falsely characterized as “death panels” the once-bipartisan idea of voluntary consultations about hospice and other end-of-life care options. Sarah Palin popularized the term, writing that “the sick, the elderly and the disabled” — including her own child with Down Syndrome — […]

Shoreline faculty leads the way with ‘Day of Resistance’

By SYLVIA WATSON SHORELINE (May 8, 2017) — We all saw, and maybe even participated in, the recent May Day Rally and March in honor of workers’ and immigrants’ rights. In this time of uncertainty, executive orders, and rollbacks on everything from children’s school lunches to travel to health care to the environment, many are […]

Improve your, everyone else’s quality of life: Plant a tree

By JOHN BURBANK (May 5, 2017) — My friend called me last week and invited me to the Climate March in Seattle. I decided not to go. Maybe I just had enough marching, with the Women’s March the day after the presidential inauguration, and the March for Science earlier in April. These were good marches, […]

What works now? If people lead, political leaders will follow

By STAN SORSCHER OLYMPIA (May 4, 2017) — Donald Trump’s first few disorienting months leave many people wondering what governing looks like any more. It’s time to look away from the political spectacle, and take a deep breath. Consider two opposing value statements. “We all do better” Value Statement ► The purpose of our economy […]

Beware of the false freedoms undermining our democracy

By KEN WINKES (May 3, 2017) — More than 150 years ago in his “Gettysburg Address,” Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The words still ring today. But in 2017, does our democracy really benefit “the people?” The evidence says it does not. Economic inequality is […]

May Day 2017: ‘Immigrants are welcome here’

By JEFF JOHNSON (May 2, 2017) — On May Day, the streets of Seattle rang with the voices of thousands of workers and community members: “Say it loud and say it clear, immigrants are welcome here… Hey, hey, ho, ho President Trump has got to go… Ho, ho, hey, hey, immigrants are here to stay.” […]

A rewarding journey for artists of the Jackson St. Workers Mural

By KATHERINE CHILCOTE SEATTLE (April 28, 2017) — The Jackson Street Workers Mural was a three-year experience of close collaboration between myself and fellow artist Devon Midori Hale. Installed last week and set to be unveiled at a block party on Sunday, April 30, this 350-foot mural is a depiction of labor history. In particular, […]


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