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Something scary happened in 1975 – to wages


By STAN SORSCHER (July 30, 2015) — In 2002, I heard an economist characterizing this figure as containing a valuable economic insight. He wasn’t sure what the insight was. I have my own answer. The economist talked of the figure as a sort of treasure map, which would lead us to the insight. “X” marks […]

Full funding of education will require us to come together


By JOHN BURBANK (July 29, 2015) — It didn’t take long before the Legislature stopped its crowing about how it funded K-12 education and admitted that it was far from the mandates of the State Supreme Court for basic education. How is that? It starts with Stephanie and Matthew McCleary, parents of two public school […]

ARA sets Medicare 50th birthday event for July 30 in Spokane


By JACKIE BOSCHOK (July 21, 2015) — Medicare is our most successful health care program. For nearly 50 years it has given seniors the ability to see a doctor and fill a prescription, keeping them out of poverty. TAKE A STAND — The Washington Alliance for Retired Americans is hosting a “Celebrate Medicare’s 50th Birthday […]

Celebrate Medicare, Social Security success Aug. 8 in Seattle

By ROBBY STERN and CHUCK HAUNREITER (July 20, 2015) — This summer, people all over the country will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid and the 80th anniversary of Social Security. The successes of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare deserve celebration. We owe the millions of people who advocated and fought for these […]

Working families big winners of 2015 legislative session(s)


By CHRIS REYKDAL (July 17, 2015) — The biggest winners of the 2015 legislative session(s) are… working families! After the GOP held the State Senate following last November’s general election, right-wing anti-worker organizations began to make their wish lists: Right to Work, cutting taxes for corporations, workers’ compensation and collective bargaining “reforms,” health-care cuts, and […]

When scared legislators skimp on our schools, that’s on us


By JOHN BURBANK (July 16, 2015) — Last November, Washington voters passed Initiative 1351, directing the Legislature to allocate funding for smaller K-12 class sizes, with extra class-size reductions in high-poverty schools. Increased funding for these changes was to have been phased in over four years. This would have required an expenditure of about $800 […]

Star making: The Seattle Times shills for Hill, Republicans


By DAVID GROVES OLYMPIA (July 15, 2015) — Sometimes, a star isn’t born. It’s manufactured. In Sunday’s Seattle Times, “Sen. Andy Hill: A star emerges in session dominated by GOP” glowingly describes the Redmond Republican’s role in the recently concluded state budget negotiations. Reporter Joe O’Sullivan declares that Hill “is getting what comes with a […]

‘Hear us:’ Sakuma farm workers, community call for contract


By JEFF JOHNSON BURLINGTON, Wash. (July 13, 2015) — Sakuma escucha, estamos en la lucha! Driscoll escucha, estamos en la lucha! On Saturday, July 11 these chants telling Sakuma Brothers Farms and Driscoll Food, “hear us, we are in a battle,” were repeated many times over as 250 protestors marched from I-5 to a Sakuma […]

‘Land of the Free’ still far from ensuring Black Lives Matter


By JOHN BURBANK (July 1, 2015) — As we celebrate our nation’s birthday on the Fourth of July, perhaps we should do some reflecting about our nation, especially as we consider last month’s murder of nine black citizens in South Carolina. Our forefathers declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are […]

In waning years, all Mike wants is the safe haven of his union


By KEN WINKES (June 24, 2015) — Want to know how vital unions are to working people? Let me tell you a story about an old man and his dreams. Now near 90 years old, he lies in bed, wishing he could live somewhere else, maybe in a carpenter’s home. That’s what he told me […]


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