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A nation built on freedom — and slavery


By JOHN BURBANK (June 30, 2016) — These days, the Fourth of July seems mostly to be about barbecues, beer and fireworks — all for the celebration of freedom. That’s the popular narrative for the birth of our country. But the truth is, the United States had many parents. Democracy was one. Slavery was another, […]

Setting the record straight about Norwegian Air, Open Skies pact


By JOHN D. PORCARI (June 29, 2016) — Expanding global connectivity through aviation only succeeds when the playing field is level and the rules are both universally understood and scrupulously enforced. That was the core principle behind our government’s negotiation of an amended air services agreement with the European Union (EU), known as the U.S.-EU […]

Graduating worker bees: Let’s make both honey and wax


The following is the commencement address delivered June 10 by the student speaker, Kandi Bauman, at the 2016 Masters in Public Administration Hooding Ceremony at The Evergreen State College in Olympia.   By KANDI M. BAUMAN Congratulations, graduates of 2016! At this point in my life and at this point in my career, I am […]

Better pathways to election could help avoid one-candidate races


By JOHN BURBANK (June 15, 2016) — Forty years ago we could point to the sham elections of the Soviet Union and laugh. These were one-party affairs, with one candidate for each position on the ballot. Voting support ranged between 99 and 100 percent. Now fast-forward to the upcoming legislative elections in Washington state in […]

French workers’ struggle against El Khomri law all too familiar


By DAVID GROVES (June 14, 2016) — If you’re wondering what France’s El Khomri law is, and why it has inspired rolling national strikes that have the nation’s garbage and resentment piling up, all you really need to know is this. Its supporters promise these labor reforms will create jobs by giving employers more flexibility. […]

We the people can make rules for our economy with I-1433


By MARILYN WATKINS (June 13, 2016) — Over the next couple weeks, young people across the region will be graduating with new degrees and high hopes for the future. They are competing for jobs in an economy where the contrast between the the haves and have-nots is stark. The occupations projected to have the most […]

Familias boycott of Driscoll’s berries is gaining momentum


By DEAN SHELTON As I sit and write this story, the berry fields of Skagit Valley, Washington, are soon to be harvested. Since 2013, the berry crops have been surrounded by controversy, becoming a fight over the basic human rights that many of us take for granted. This fight for justice for a group of […]

Like you, janitors just want a better life for their families


By SERGIO SALINAS (June 9, 2016) — They work at night after you’ve gone home from work. They are invisible to many. They are the 3,000 SEIU Local 6 janitors who clean commercial buildings throughout Seattle/King County, as well as in Pierce County, Bellingham, and Spokane. In addition to office buildings, they clean hospitals, schools, […]

In Finland, shared investment yields opportunity, happiness


By JOHN BURBANK (June 1, 2016) — Imagine living in a relatively small nation, where per capita income is $11,000 less than in Washington state, and the only natural resources are timber, water and ice. People pay a 31 percent tax on personal income in excess of $82,000, a value-added tax of 14 percent on […]

Tax-free Trump says his returns are ‘none of your business’


By LEO W. GERARD (May 31, 2016) — Donald Trump scorns traditional presidential candidate standards. The Donald doesn’t do what’s expected. And he certainly doesn’t do what he tells other candidates they must do. If Donald doesn’t feel like debating, he stiffs his opponents and grabs attention doing something different. If he finally realizes there’s […]




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