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Support the striking Teamsters at S.S. Steiner in Yakima

By PAUL PARMLEY YAKIMA (Oct. 19, 2017) — Miracle on 34th Street? Hardly. You may recall the movie, Kris Kringle working at Macy’s redirects shoppers to Gimbel’s Department Store when Macy’s didn’t carry an item. Gimbel’s Department store is a thing of the past but Louis S. Gimbel III, heir to the Gimbel wealth, is […]

Use state’s aerospace tax breaks to bring Airbus to Washington

By JOHN BURBANK (Oct. 19, 2017) — Boeing woke up to a rude surprise on Tuesday. The Chicago-based corporation thought they had gotten the Trump Administration to stymie their competition from Quebec-based airplane manufacturer Bombardier through a monumental 300 percent tariff. But instead, the French Canadians tossed the ball to Toulose, France-based Airbus, which will […]

Did Sinclair buy KOMO to shut it down?

IATSE seeks assurance that KOMO jobs, community service will continue   By DAVE TWEDELL SEATTLE (Oct. 18, 2017) — IATSE Local 600, the union representing the news photographers at KOMO in Seattle, will hear on Oct. 23 the response from Sinclair Broadcast Group to a collective bargaining proposal to save their jobs if their proposed […]

Republicans must stop our unfit president

Will Rep. McMorris Rodgers continue to hitch her political wagon to Trump?   EDITORIAL (Oct. 10, 2017) — The Washington Post reports today that President Donald Trump’s aides are scrambling to do damage control from his daily outbursts: “Frustrated by his Cabinet and angered by criticism of his administration’s response to hurricanes, the president has […]

Court tees up right-wing assault on unions

Janus v. AFSCME case intended to strike death blow to labor, progressives   By DAVID GROVES (Oct. 9, 2017) — The U.S. Supreme Court announced last month that it will reconsider whether public sector unions can require workers who receive the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement to pay a fee for services. If the […]

Seattle, other cities can help boost retirement security

By JOHN BURBANK (Oct. 6, 2017) — Over the past four decades, while we as a country have been moving forward on racial justice and gender equality (note: “moving,” not “achieving”), we have also been moving backwards on job security, shared economic growth and family financial well-being. Our kids face a future without the ability […]

Labor’s Emerging Leaders will gather Oct. 13-14 in Seattle

Sign up for conference on “Social Justice Unionism in the Face of Right-to-Work”   By KELLY COOGAN-GEHR SEATTLE (Sept. 29, 2017) — The labor movement and working people have seen their share of challenges over the past several decades: a massive drop in union density, outsourcing, downskilling and deskilling, automation, threats to immigrant rights, and […]

Our state lacks political will to properly fund our colleges

By JOHN BURBANK (Sept. 20, 2017) — Monday night, the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved an $80 billion annual increase in military spending, enough to make tuition free at all public colleges and universities in the country. President Donald Trump had only asked for $54 billion. Politicians from both parties derided Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for […]

American aviation safety must remain a public service

Air-traffic privatization push hits turbulence in Congress—with good reason   By MONIKA WARNER (Sept. 11, 2017) — Message to the airlines: you can’t have it all. Control of the skies and aviation safety is a public service. Privatization of the U.S. air traffic control system, its equipment, and the jobs of more than 30,000 workers […]

Don’t repeat the mistakes of Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy

Congress must fully fund rebuilding Houston, maintain labor standards   By JEFF JOHNSON (Sept. 7, 2017) — As flood waters begin to slowly recede from Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas, rebuilding neighborhoods and communities will take a long time and cost a lot of money. Relief and reconstruction efforts to recover from Hurricane Harvey are […]


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