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Strong partnership with labor delivers results in King County

County employees—and our region—benefit from collective bargaining   By DOW CONSTANTINE (April 10, 2019) — When I gave my inaugural speech as King County Executive in late 2009, I pledged to “forge the innovative partnerships needed to address the critical issues immediately before us.” Almost 10 years later, that commitment to building partnerships and working […]

We won a great contract at Macy’s–with style

By NICHOLE BOOKER and CURTISY BRYANT (April 4, 2019) — When department-store workers fight, we do it fashionably. Have you ever seen a union contract campaign that featured makeovers and feather boas? Read on. We had worked hard for Macy’s, and frankly we were fed up. Like a lot of working people out there, we […]

Union Sisters pointed the way to gender equity

Labor women of color have long organized for fair treatment for all workers   By APRIL SIMS (March 27, 2019) — In March, we have been honoring the history of women in the United States, seeking to highlight the accomplishments and contributions of those who have been overlooked by our dominant historical narrative. In the […]

Let’s take health care off the bargaining table

By LARRY BROWN (March 5, 2019) — Union members enjoy some of the best health care that working-class Americans can expect to receive. Unions have fought long and hard to establish and maintain these benefits and they are justly proud of their achievements. In the absence of a national health plan, they have sacrificed much […]

Black history informs the future of organized labor

By APRIL SIMS (Feb. 26, 2019) — Every February, as a nation we reckon with our collective history. We take this month to honor the significant contributions of Black Americans to this country, and to recognize the stories of Black Americans that have been overlooked, unacknowledged, or ignored by our dominant culture and history. We […]

Is NAFTA 2.0 a Trojan horse for even higher drug prices?

By JACKIE BOSCHOK (Feb. 25, 2019) — Many Washingtonians, including myself and other members of the Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans, breathed a sigh of relief when the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed last year. Sen. John McCain’s “thumbs down” vote was a dramatic moment in American political history, and reassured […]

Here’s what American working families want

We want the freedom to join together and an economy that works for all    By RICHARD TRUMKA (Feb. 21, 2019) — Last year, in communities all across the country, millions of Americans mobilized and called for an economy that works for all of us. From state houses and governors mansions to Capitol Hill, we elected […]

Why you should get excited about tech sector organizing

By AMY YI SEATTLE (Feb. 14, 2019) — Tech workers have recently made national headlines for standing up to their ultra-wealthy bosses. You may wonder, who cares what programmers are up to? But inside the tech industry, workers are getting organized. On Saturday, Feb. 23, the Washington Labor Education and Research Center will be hosting […]

Thank you to all of those who are working to keep us safe

EDITORIAL (Feb. 11, 2019) — Thank you to all the WFSE/AFSCME state employees with the Department of Transportation, to the Teamsters road crews, to the IBEW line workers, to the IAFF fire fighters and aide crews, to the IUPA police officers, and to all of the union members and others who are braving this weather […]

Union growth in Washington is good for all working people

By LARRY BROWN SEATTLE (Feb. 8, 2019) — The following remarks on the state of unions in Washington 100 years after the Seattle General Strike were delivered yesterday by Larry Brown, President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, at the Seattle City Council’s Housing, Health, Energy, & Workers’ Rights Committee, hosted by Councilmember Teresa […]


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