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Washington’s new paid family – and medical – leave benefits all

By JOHN BURBANK (July 27, 2017) — Paid family and medical leave is now the law in our state. This great breakthrough will provide workers economic security in times where they need time off to care for themselves or their families, starting in January 2020. But while benefits for parents taking care of newborn and […]

Rep. Dan Newhouse is leading radical guest-worker plan

His plan to expand H-2A to cover year-round work is a game-changer that will displace local workers, drive wages down   By ERIC GONZALEZ (July 24, 2017) — Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-4th) sponsored an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill seeking to expand the use of the H-2A, a temporary and seasonal […]

Senate GOP’s brinkmanship suspends construction, kills jobs

By SEN. BOB HASEGAWA OLYMPIA (July 24, 2017) — I am saddened to report that the longest and least productive legislative year in the history of our state ended tonight the same way it began — crippled by polarization — to work on behalf of the needs of all Washingtonians across our state. Nearly a […]

Washington state (again) leads nation on family leave

By JOHN BURBANK (July 14, 2017) — Twenty-eight years ago, a freshman senator in the state Legislature, Patty Murray, dismissed as just a “mom in tennis shoes” but now Washington’s senior U.S. senator, shepherded the Family and Medical Leave Act through the Capitol, with the support and leadership of then-Speaker Joe King, Rep. Jay Inslee, […]

This July 4th, let’s celebrate America’s interdependence

By JOHN BURBANK (June 30, 2017) — We are approaching the Fourth of July, when we celebrate American independence and the success of the colonists’ desire to be self-ruling. The United States was the first of England’s many colonies to gain its independence, something that would not be repeated until Canada broke away nearly a […]

Cold-hearted GOP health care legislation calls for veto threat

For Trump to keep his promises, he must force GOP to make it less ‘mean’   By LEO W. GERARD WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 21, 2017) — Donald Trump is right. The House health insurance bill is “mean, mean, mean,” as he put it last week. He correctly called the measure that would strip health insurance […]

Our kids suffer as Legislature continues to protect wealthy

By JOHN BURBANK OLYMPIA (June 15, 2017) –It’s day 24 of a second special session in Olympia, since legislators couldn’t agree to a state budget before the end of the regular session. Now they have only 15 days left until the new two-year fiscal term. It will be hard to start that without a budget! […]

Landlords are taking workers’ pay raises, so labor must step up

Unions must fight for affordable housing or wage hikes won’t help   By JONATHAN ROSENBLUM SEATTLE (June 14, 2017) — When New York City fast food workers first hoisted the $15 minimum wage banner in late 2012, quite a few pundits called the demand absurdly ambitious. But thanks to worker walkouts, demonstrations, marches, and lobbying […]

UW students score victory on Nike accountability at factories

But your help is needed to ensure apparel giant is accountable for labor rights   By HANNAH DOLLING SEATTLE (June 7, 2017) — The University of Washington made a landmark decision last month that will impact thousands of workers that produce Husky apparel. After an intensive 18-month campaign by UW’s chapter of United Students Against […]

It’s America’s responsibility to lead on climate change

We need both clean environment and good jobs—or we’ll have neither   By LEO W. GERARD (June 6, 2017) — To justify withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, President Trump said during his press conference, “I was elected to represent the city of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” From terrible experience, Pittsburghers know about pollution. Before […]


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