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70 years (and counting) of striving for basic human rights

By JEFF JOHNSON (Dec. 10, 2018) — On December 10, 1948, 70 years ago today, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed by all but eight member countries of the newly formed United Nations. Eleanor Roosevelt was the chair of the document’s drafting committee. It took two years to write the text at a […]

Congratulations, Larry and April; and thank you, Lynne Dodson

By JEFF JOHNSON (Dec. 7, 2018) — I want to congratulate Larry Brown and April Sims on their election to the offices of President and Secretary Treasurer of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. They take the reins of leadership at a time when the WSLC is stronger than it has been in decades, known […]

We don’t feel better off, because we’re not

Dear trade experts: Cheaper consumer goods don’t make up for lost jobs, lower living standards, and diminished opportunities.   By STAN SORSCHER (Dec. 4, 2018) —  Earlier this year, trade experts explained to two audiences in Seattle how workers should adjust to the global economy. Workers displaced by global competition could learn computer skills and […]

‘We didn’t bail out GM so it could hoard profits, close plants’

DETROIT (Nov. 27, 2018) — The following is a statement from UAW Vice President Terry Dittes:   Hello brothers and sisters, I’m holding in my hand the 2015 master contract between GM and the UAW. Our membership in the UAW and General Motors ratified this agreement and the one in 2011. And it wasn’t without […]

In mid-terms, seniors swing left to expand social safety net

Democrats recognize that expanding (not cutting) Social Security and Medicare is not only winning politics, but also profoundly wise policy.   By NANCY ALTMAN (Nov. 13, 2018) — The 2018 midterm elections are over, and pundits are busily dissecting the results. The actions of seniors, also known as “always voters” because of their consistent turnout, […]

On overtime pay, Washington state must step up

By GOV. JAY INSLEE OLYMPIA (Nov. 8, 2018) — By almost any metric, Americans are working harder and longer than ever before. But even though a worker’s productivity is much higher than someone in a similar position in the 1970s, he or she is likely earning less than that worker did 50 years ago. Millions of […]

What you should know about Dino Rossi

On bread-and-butter issues, Rossi has a radical anti-worker voting record   By DAVID GROVES (Oct. 31, 2018) — Meet Dino Rossi. You might think you know plenty about this perennial Republican candidate who is running (again) for Congress this year. But if you are buying his sales pitch that he’s a “moderate,” you don’t know […]

Salaried? It may cost you basic protections

Half a million workers stand to gain if Washington state updates an obscure administrative rule from the 1970s.   By MARILYN WATKINS OLYMPIA (Oct. 30, 2018) — It’s been 42 years since Washington set the threshold at $250 per week, or $13,000 per year, that determines which salaried employees are exempt from the protections of […]

New NAFTA is the beginning of the end for ‘free trade’

The ‘USMCA’ deal steps away from the failed globalization model, and begins to recognize our national interests. But we can do better.   By STAN SORSCHER (Oct. 19, 2018) —  The United States, Mexico, and Canada just renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). At a high level, the new deal underscores the political […]

Time is running out; we must act to save our planet, ourselves

We must go all-in on clean energy to save our environment, our economy, our jobs — and our lives.   By JEFF JOHNSON “It’s a line in the sand and what it says to our species is that this is the moment and we must act now…” — Debra Roberts, co-chair of the United Nations […]


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