Stop Waste Management from trashing our communities

Waste Management, the No. 1 waste company in the country that collected $13.4 billion in 2011, is threatening to lock out its Puget Sound-area recycle and yard waste drivers and bring in out-of-state replacement workers. This Saturday, June 30, Teamsters Local 117 invites all union members and community supporters to attend a Community Training and Briefing on the issues the union is facing in bargaining its contract with the company.

Why is this corporate giant trying to destroy good jobs in our community and leave their customers knee-high in trash?  Find out at Saturday’s briefing beginning at 11 a.m. at the Teamsters Union Hall, 14675 Interurban Ave. S. in Tukwila.

Sanitation work is exhausting and dangerous work. But rather than take care of their employees, Waste Management wants to lock them out or force a strike. These drivers are our neighbors who grew up here and are trying to raise their families, pay their taxes and put food on the table. They deserve better, and so do Waste Management customers.

When Waste management locked out its own workers in Oakland, CA, in 2007, many residents did not get their trash picked up for more than a month.



Protect your family, protect your neighborhood, and stand with local workers by attending Saturday’s Community Training and Briefing. For more information, visit www.SeattleTrashWatch.org.


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