Space Needle workers STILL lack contract; rally Tuesday

SEATTLE (Feb. 22, 2013) — Space Needle workers have been standing up for a fair contract for almost two years, demanding living wages, continued benefits, and job security — protection from being replaced by a low-wage subcontractor.

In the last year, as workers and community supporters continued to stand up for a fair contract, UNITE HERE Local 8 reports that Space Needle management has fired and suspended union activists, denied overtime pay to its workers, created dangerous workloads for its kitchen staff, and racked up several Unfair Labor Practice charges pending with the federal government. In the meantime, workers continue to turn up the heat in their campaign for respect and a fair contract.

Faced with a determined union committee and workforce, the Space Needle elevated its anti-worker campaign to a new level last week, actively campaigning to urge workers to resign from UNITE HERE Local 8, going so far as to provide a prepared form for workers to sign. They continued their scare campaign by stating that one of the only actions left for workers to take is to go on strike, and that the company is prepared to replace striking workers.

Instead of intimidating workers, the Space Needle should use its energy and resources to return to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair contract.

TAKE A STAND to support Space Needle workers:

1.  Click here to sign a petition to demand the Space Needle end its anti-worker campaign and return to the bargaining table to settle a fair contract.

2.  Watch and share this video of UNITE HERE Local 8’s special Valentine’s Day Flash Mob, telling the company “You’re Not the Space Needle I Used to Know!”

3.  JOIN SPACE NEEDLE WORKERS at their next rally at the Space Needle at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

For more information, visit UNITE HERE Local 8’s webpage.

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