Tacoma ♥’s Our Nurses: Share your stories at new website

TACOMA (April 22, 2013) Tacoma-Loves-Our-Nurses— Tacoma hospital patients and their families know their care depends on the compassion and professionalism of their nurses at St. Joseph and Tacoma General. That’s why the Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) and community members are launching Tacoma Loves Our Nurses, a local blog and a Facebook page, where patients can share their stories and recollections of the importance of their nursing care at St. Joe’s and Tacoma General.

The launch of Tacoma Loves Our Nurses is in anticipation of National Nurses Week on May 6-12.

The websites include pictures and personal stories from former Tacoma General and St. Joe’s patients:

— “It was the nurses that were holding constant vigil with me through the night and relentlessly pushing me to progress during the day,” writes Marge B. of St. Joe’s nurses, as she recounts painful knee replacement surgery.

— “During times that were the most difficult and at the same time the absolute most joyous, our nurses were there,” says Nicole B. of St. Joe’s nurses, who had delivery complications with her children.

— “Two nurses came in and took him to their care center where they fed him, cared for him as if he was their own,” shares Jeremy W. about Tacoma General’s nurses during the birth of his first child.

More than 2,000 Tacoma patients, family members, community members and nurses have signed petitions to the CEOs at St. Joseph and Tacoma General, and many of them included their own stories and recollections about the care they received from their nurses.

“We learned that everyone has a story to tell,” says Judy Huntington, RN and Executive Director of WSNA. “TacomaLovesOurNurses.org provides a place for Tacoma families to share their stories about the nursing care they received during the tough times and the good at St. Joe’s and Tacoma General.”

Nurses are currently in heated contract negotiations with the hospital CEOs at St. Joe’s and Tacoma General.  This morning community members and nurses delivered more than 1,200 petitions to Joseph Wilzcek, CEO of St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

“CEO Wilzcek is telling St. Joe’s nurses to work harder for less, while he’s making more than $1 million in salary,” said Christine Himmelsbach, RN, WSNA Assistant Executive Director of Labor Relations. “Tacoma loves our nurses, why doesn’t St. Joe’s CEO?”

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