Do you know what TPP is? You should. It’s going to affect you

The following is from AFL-CIO Now:

Corporations are trying to hijack a trade agreement that is currently being negotiated in secret. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and if they’re successful, they’ll have a say in everything from your rights at work to the prices of your prescriptions and safety of your child’s toys. Working families around the world are going to be affected by the outcome of this legislation.

Watch the video above to learn more and share it with your friends. Then send an email to trade representatives for all the countries involved to tell them to create a trade agreement that works for working families. The powerful video shows workers from around the world as they express their fears of the impact TPP could have on their lives, including:

  • Making it harder for workers to organize.
  • Increasing toxic food and environmental contamination.
  • Reducing work opportunities for local residents.
  • Allowing companies to write any member country’s food labels and safety standards.

Take action on the TPP here.

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