‘$15 Is Just The Beginning!’ Actions Wednesday across state

15-just-the-beginningThe following is from Working Washington:

On Wednesday, April 15, more than 1,000 fast food workers, homecare workers, retail workers, immigrant workers, drivers, adjunct professors, students, and others across Washington state will join tens of thousands more across the country in the biggest nationwide mobilization yet in the fight against poverty-wage jobs, culminating late afternoon in the streets of downtown Seattle.

United under the call that “$15 is just the beginning — Inequality ends with us,” workers will rise up from Spokane and Yakima to Olympia and SeaTac before it all comes together in a major march snaking through Seattle from Occidental Park to Seattle University — with several stops at corporate locations along the way. (Map of locations available online.)

Workers won $15 in Seattle last year. But the message on April 15 is that $15 is just the beginning. Here are the major actions planned in Washington:

SPOKANE — 9 a.m.: Gather at Fred Meyer shopping center, 400 S. Thor St. — Homecare workers, fast food workers, students, and other supporters will rally for $15 and workers’ rights.

YAKIMA — 9:30 a.m.: McDonald’s, 19 E. Yakima Ave. — Food service workers, immigrant workers, and other supporters will rally for $15 and workers rights at this fast food location.

PASCO — 9:45 am: McDonald’s, 2202 W Court St. — Food service workers, immigrant workers, and other supporters will rally at this fast food location for $15 and workers’ rights.

OLYMPIA — 10:30 a.m.: Percival Landing Park, 405 Columbia St NW — Local workers & community supporters will gather at Percival Landing, then proceed to nearby corporate location to call for $15/hour, paid sick days, and workers’ rights.

SEATAC — 11:30 a.m.: Sea-Tac Airport — Airport workers and supporters will gather in Sea-Tac Arrivals Hall, then proceed to Alaska Airlines ticket counter to highlight health & safety issues and poverty wages.

And Wednesday’s actions will culminate in SEATTLE:

2 p.m.: Occidental Park (S Main St & Occidental Ave S). Action at nearby corporate location.

3 p.m.: Westlake Park (4th Ave & Pine St). Action and nearby corporate location.

3:30 p.m.: Cal Anderson Park (1635 11th Ave). Homecare workers and others will rally at Cal Anderson before joining the main group coming up from Westlake

4 p.m.: Seattle University (12th & Marion, Chapel of St Ignatius Reflecting Pool). Teach-in and more to send clear message: $15 is just the beginning. Inequality ends with us.

Additional actions are being planned in Tacoma (7 a.m.: I-5, McKinley Way overpass); Vancouver (7:30 a.m.: I-205, NE Fourth Plain Blvd. overpass); Bellingham (10:30 a.m.: Gather at 714 Lakeway Dr. before proceeding to a nearby corporate location); Aberdeen (11 a.m.: KFC, 1110 E Wishkah St.); Bremerton (11:30 a.m.: Burger King, 621 Warren Ave.); Port Orchard (noon: McDonald’s, 233 Bravo Terrace S.E.); Shelton (noon: McDonald’s, 2507 Olympic Hwy N.); and Everett (noon: I-5, 41st St. overpass). Click here for details on these additional actions.


Job growth in Washington State has led the nation since voters passed the country’s highest statewide minimum wage law in 1998.

63% of voters nationally and 69% of Olympia voters support a $15 citywide minimum wage, according to recent polls.

► The April 15 national day of action will include tens of thousands of workers across the country calling for $15/hour and workers’ rights for all.

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