Build your future – union-style – at job fair Wednesday in Seattle

mlkclc-logoThe following is from the Diversity Committee of the M.L. King County Labor Council, AFL-CIO:

SEATTLE — Look out a window in many Seattle neighborhoods and chances are you’ll see a crane hovering over a construction project. Under that crane, men and women are working, and making good money for their work.

Want to get in on the action? Find out how at the a Union Jobs Fair hosted by the Martin Luther King County Labor Council (MLKCLC) Diversity Committee this Wednesday, Oct. 28 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Georgetown campus of South Seattle College, 6737 Corson Ave. S., Seattle Building E, 3rd Floor.

MLKCLC-affiliated unions will be there explaining how to get into apprenticeship programs that teach marketable skills and how to get hired in good-paying, secure union jobs. Aerospace, bus driving, construction, fire fighting, law enforcement, meat cutting, post office, stagehands, and trucking jobs are all available and unions are looking for workers right away!

“It’s a workers’ market right now,” said Connie Rodriguez, an organizer with the Laborers Union (LIUNA). “We’re out there trying to recruit as many people as we can. We’re getting calls from every union local in Washington — ‘we need 10 people here, we need 15 people there’.”

The Union Jobs Fair is specifically reaching out to communities that in the past have not had access to good union jobs — communities of color, immigrants, the LGBT community, and women.

“Many sectors of our local economy have bounced back from the recession and several of our union affiliates are getting more work than they have in years,” said MLKCLC Executive Secretary Nicole Grant. “At the same time, many young people — especially those in economically marginalized communities — need secure, well-paid jobs. This is our opportunity to reach out to those young people, and let them know what the labor movement has to offer.”

Don’t pass up this opportunity to build a good future. Plan to visit the Union Jobs Fair on October 28. For more information, email the MLKCLC office or call 206-441-8510.

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