I-732 loss shows urgent need for coalition effort on climate

alliance-jobs-clean-energy_front(Nov. 9, 2016) — The following statement regarding voter rejection of the labor-opposed Initiative 732 has been posted by the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy:

There is an urgent need to take action on climate change, and to do it right. The only way to combat climate change fast enough is to both cut pollution and invest in clean energy solutions like wind and solar power. And doing it right includes investing in communities and workers hardest hit by pollution and the transition off dirty fossil fuels. For a solution that can last, disadvantaged communities and workers need to see themselves in our clean energy future.

The decisive loss of I-732 demonstrates that without a broad coalition in support, the fossil fuel industry can easily defeat climate efforts. That’s why the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is bringing a policy to the legislature in January that will effectively and fairly reduce carbon pollution, and attract the broad support needed to overcome opposition from the fossil fuel industry. We should all be proud that Washington state is talking about solutions to climate change—not whether it’s real. We look forward to working with all communities and stakeholders, including I-732’s supporters, to put in place a solution that works for Washington and serves as a strong example for other states.

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is Washington state’s coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to reducing global warming pollution, strengthening our economy, and making sure all Washington families have a better future. The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is part of this coalition.

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