Get scholarships for women’s institute July 10-14 in Sonoma

SONOMA, Calif. (May 9, 2018) — The University of California Berkeley Labor Center will host the 37th Annual Western Regional Summer Institute on Union Women (SIUW) from July 10-14 at Sonoma State University, in the heart of California’s wine country. And the Women’s Committee of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is offering multiple scholarships to attend — but the deadline to apply is Thursday, May 17 (see form below).

This year’s theme “The RESISTERhood—Working Womxn Organizing for Collective Power” lifts up organizing and collective action as integral to the advancement of working women’s issues and building power for all workers. It also reflects the SIUW’s commitment to creating an environment that is inclusive and builds on the strength of shared, but also uniquely different, experiences as women from diverse backgrounds in the broader labor movement. They use the new spelling of the word “womxn” in the Institute’s theme to be inclusive of gender non-conforming and transgender people.

The SIUW is also a place where women from unions, worker centers, and community organizations encourage each other to step up into leadership in their organizations. It is a space for personal growth and reflection designed to ignite the empowerment of labor and labor-minded women.

This year’s SIUW will provide an “organizer’s boot camp” to emerging new leaders. Participants will be able to choose from classes that offer hands-on training in: mobilizing members in difficult times; building inclusive organizations; organizing against sexual harassment; bargaining for racial justice and immigrant rights; unions, worker centers and community allies campaigning for a common goal; and so much more. (Click here for more details.)

The WSLC Women’s Committee scholarships to attend SIUW 2018 include tuition, room and board provided at the facility, and reasonable travel expenses. No time loss will be paid. Participants must be able to take vacation or union leave.

The deadline for applying for one of these scholarships is Thursday, May 17. The application form (available in PDF and Word), along with a 200-word (or less) letter from the applicant, must be received by the deadline in order to be considered.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact WSLC Women’s Committee Staff Liaison April Sims at 206-254-4909 or asims@wslc.org.

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