Students invited to STAY WOKE with Dolores Huerta on Mar. 19

OLYMPIA — All students are invited to participate in STAY WOKE 2019, a day-long summit at St. Martin’s University on Tuesday, March 19. This year’s event will feature legendary labor and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta.

STAY WOKE is an annual summit that helps students of color use their voice, build their community, and develop the skills they need to create the future they want. Its focus is on the education, leadership, lives and issues impacting students of color. White students willing to develop their allyship skills and be in a place of advocacy and learning about racial justice are also welcome.

Dolores Huerta is a legendary civil rights activist and founder of the United States’ first enduring and largest agricultural union, the United Farmworkers of America. Huerta’s work as a community advocate and organizer spurred a multiethnic movement that inspired laborers, young people, and people of color everywhere to come together and be heard. Huerta’s leadership led to fair pay, better working conditions for workers everywhere, and a greater influence in policy-making nationwide and for decades to come. She continues to advocate for just and fair working conditions, and was recently present at the Los Angeles teachers’ strike, which resulted in lower class sizes and better pay for L.A. school district teachers and their students.

Also featured at this year’s STAY WOKE summit will be Bria Smith, is a high school student who is on a bus tour with March for Our Lives, and an activist for the voices of black and brown communities impacted by gun violence and for the empowerment of young people to influence change.

Get more information about this event, including how to register, at studentsstaywoke.weebly.com.

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