Tumwater Fred Meyer employees join together with UFCW 367

The following is from UFCW Local 367:

TUMWATER, Wash. (July 1, 2022) — On June 17, 2022, a majority of General Merchandise workers at the Tumwater Fred Meyer voted to join UFCW 367 in a landslide victory. The bargaining unit will include 59 workers in non-food departments such as Apparel and Home.

UFCW 367 already represents approximately 200 workers at Tumwater Fred Meyer and more than 7,000 grocery workers in Southwest Washington. Since Tumwater Fred Meyer’s grand opening in 2001, the General Merchandise departments have remained non-union — until now.

“It feels great to have won a place in the union,” said Russell Dingerson, 30-year Kroger employee. “We need better pay for the work we are doing and a good retirement plan for the future.”

“Now that we are a union, we will never be alone,” said Elisia Ramirez who has worked in the Apparel department at Tumwater Fred Meyer for 17 years.

For Linda Blakely, 20-year Kroger employee who works in the Home Department, this is a momentous year.

“I am very happy for our win into the union and look forward to the security of knowing we’re going to be under a contract,” she said. “Our safety and security are finally being taken seriously.”

Workers look ahead to bargaining in good faith with Kroger in the coming weeks for the same rights and benefits that union members enjoy in other Fred Meyer stores.

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