WSLC welcomes its newest affiliate: SEIU6

SEATTLE (Mar. 6, 2023) — The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) has announced the affiliation of SEIU6 Property Services NW, which represents a diverse workforce of more than 9,000 janitors, security officers, airport passenger service workers and allied industries workers in Washington state.

The WSLC, a state federation of the AFL-CIO, is the largest union organization in the state and represents the interests of some 600 affiliated union organizations with approximately 550,000 rank-and-file members.

“We are so proud to welcome SEIU6 to the WSLC family,” said WSLC President April Sims. “We are a voluntary coalition. By affiliating, SEIU6 is joining some 600 local unions in investing in the solidarity that is the bedrock of the labor movement. Together, we will continue to defend our immigrant siblings, grow our movement, and strengthen the rights of all working people.”

SEIU6 was founded by a group of Seattle theater janitors and became one of the original locals of the Service Employees International Union in 1921. Today, many SEIU6 members are immigrants who speak languages such as Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Amharic, and others.

“The reason working people form unions is because, when we join together, we are stronger,” said SEIU6 President Zenia Javalera. “The same is true of unions themselves. When SEIU6, the WSLC, and its affiliated unions all work together to build power for workers — and to promote racial and social justice — we are stronger and more effective.”

The WSLC has gained national recognition for its Race and Labor program that educates union leaders and rank-and-file members about the history of racism being used to divide and oppress the working class. The WSLC is also a national leader in its work to advance immigrants’ rights. For example, its Immigrant and Worker Justice Toolkit provides documented and undocumented workers, worker advocates, and union leaders with the resources and support they need to create a just and fair future for immigrants in the United States.

In welcoming SEIU6 to the organization, the WSLC reminds all unions and community partners to familiarize themselves with SEIU6’s list of responsible contractors to ensure they are promoting good union jobs when they seek building services.

For more information about SEIU6, visit seiu6.org.

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