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Stop KIRO-TV demands to take away their employees’ rights

SEATTLE — Union employees at KIRO-TV, represented by IBEW Local 46, have been fighting for more than 15 months to retain their basic rights of individual free speech and rights to bargain over important workplace issues. These employees work in technical positions, including video editing, broadcast transmission, audio/video production, and maintenance engineering.

TAKE A STAND! CLICK HERE to sign an online petition to KIRO-TV management, supporting KIRO employees and urging the company to agree to a fair contract that retains their rights.

Employees within this group have given much of their lives and careers to this station, many having worked for the company for the last 20, 30, and even 40 years. These technicians often work late nights, early mornings, weekends, out in the harsh elements and a variety of conditions; all in the high-pressure fast-paced news environment. They have been key toward bringing coverage of important news and events to Seattle’s community.

What do these employees want? IBEW Local 46 reports that they simply want to retain 35-year-old language in their contract that respects their individual and collective rights that are afforded to them under federal law.

Please show your solidarity with these employees and sign their online petition today!

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