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Now is the time to go big on infrastructure

We are at a crossroads: continue with failed corporate-first government or make a job-creating investment in America itself   By RICHARD TRUMKA (May 10, 2021) — As President Biden addressed a joint session of Congress recently, he highlighted a fundamental truth about his American Jobs Plan. For once, our leaders aren’t pushing another tax break […]

Huge win: Biden backs vaccine patent waiver

Administration’s support could help vaccinate the world, end humanitarian crisis   By HILLARY HADEN (May 7, 2021) — On Wednesday afternoon, the Biden administration announced it would support a temporary waiver of patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines at the World Trade Organization. This is a huge win for the Global South countries that would otherwise […]

Legislature makes progress on protecting ‘essential workers’

Labor committee chairs hail advances on workers’ issues amid, after COVID   By Sen. KAREN KEISER and Rep. MIKE SELLS (April 29, 2021) — We have heard a lot of talk about “essential workers” over the past year, as we depend on people whose work cannot be done remotely; tens of thousands of workers braving […]

Remember fallen workers — and their kids

Kids’ Chance helps children when their parent is killed or seriously injured at work   By KAIRIE PIERCE (April 28, 2021) — Workers’ Memorial Day is an international day of remembrance for workers who are killed on the job or die from work-related illnesses. It is traditionally observed on April 28, a date commemorating the […]

A needed remembrance, and rededication

Workers’ Memorial Week: Remembering, honoring and strengthening resolve in support of workplace safety and health   By LIN NELSON (April 26, 2021) — Death, disability, disease — from hazards endured on the job. This is not a new issue. For a long time we’ve known that work can be hazardous, uneven in its impacts and […]

Clean manufacturing is a climate priority

By JESSICA KOSKI (April 22, 2021) — Limiting global warming to 1.5°C demands rapid and bold industrial transformation. The industrial sector accounts for approximately one quarter of our global carbon footprint. The roadmap to net zero emissions by 2050 requires accelerating the production of next generation low-carbon materials and sustainable energy technologies. Today as we […]

‘We Do the Work’ radio program signing off

By KEN WINKES and JANET McKINNEY (April 20, 2021) — We took a stand, and it lasted eight years. We had no idea what we were getting into or how much work it would entail, but “We Do the Work,” a weekly radio program that was eventually aired by more than 20 community radio stations […]

The Amazon workers in Alabama have already won

They have exposed Amazon’s dangerous jobs, its desperation to silence workers, and America’s broken labor laws. That’s why we need to pass the PRO Act.   By DAVID GROVES (April 9, 2021) — Though the final election results are not yet known, reports indicate that Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Ala., may be coming up […]

April Sims: It’s a movement, not a month

As we honor Black and women’s history, I work toward a labor movement that supports and lifts up all workers, but particularly Black women.   By APRIL SIMS (April 1, 2021) —When I use “women” throughout, I mean all women: women of every race, across any border; transwomen; disabled women; and all others that want […]

The vaccine: Fair access or global apartheid?

By MICHAEL RIGHI (March 29, 2021) — Despite all the frustrations of the vaccine distribution system, most of us will likely get vaccinated some time this year. Not true for folks in poor countries. Some experts are saying many will not get their shots until 2024. Three years from now! Rich countries have contracted with […]



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