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Flight Attendant Day of Action June 13

Flight attendants and supporters will rally at SEATAC and airports across the globe

SEATTLE (June 12, 2024) — Flight attendants will picket at dozens of airports across the US, Europe and Asia on Thursday. The pickets are being organized by two unions – the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and Association of Flight Attendants-Communications Workers of America – to support flight attendants at a number of airlines.

Union flight attendants at several airline companies have been negotiating for a fair contract since 2022, including Alaska AFA (you can learn more about their fight for a fair contract on their contract website).

Across different unions and airlines, organized flight attendants are facing many of the same issues, namely dismally low pay, and unpaid working hours. Unlike almost all other workers in the US, flight attendants are legally only paid for some of the hours they worked: once airplane doors close. That means flight attendants are working long hours, and only being paid for some of them, one of the factors contributing to low pay for flight attendants across airlines.  

Our solidarity transcends airlines. Together, in the height of summer travel season, we’ll show management and the flying public that we’re united in the fight to raise the standards for our careers,” states the Alaska AFA action page. “No matter what uniform we wear, we’ve earned the long-term security, benefits, flexibility, dignity, and respect that comes with a strong contract. It’s time for airline management to pay up and get this done.”

TAKE ACTION: RSVP for the SEATAC action on Thursday, June 13 at 11am outside the Flag Pavilion.

Can’t make it in person? You can support Alaska flight attendants by downloading a picket sign and posting a photo on social media sharing your solidarity with flight attendants. 

Find the full list of picket locations here

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