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About The STAND

If you want news and opinion about working people from Washington state standing together — news that hasn’t gone through the commercial media’s filter — then The STAND is for you.

WSLC-logo-NEW-color-250pA service of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) and its affiliated unions, The STAND was launched on May Day 2011 to feature news about — and for — working people. Its reports and opinion columns focus on creating and maintaining quality jobs, joining together in unions, improving our families’ quality of life, and promoting public policies that will restore shared prosperity.

The STAND is a free service and accepts no advertising. Its Editor, David Groves, has been writing and publishing news and opinion in Washington state since joining the WSLC staff in 1992. Other progressive voices — both inside and outside the labor movement — contribute content to The STAND. Therefore, the positions and opinions expressed in The STAND aren’t necessarily those of the WSLC, though they often are. Contact the WSLC directly if you have any questions about the council’s positions on the issues.

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