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ESD spotlights WSLC’s UI program

WA State Employment Security Division highlights partnership with WSLC to bring UI navigation support to workers

OLYMPIA, WA (July 9, 2024) — Throughout the summer, the Washington State Employment Security Division (ESD) is highlighting the labor and community orgs that make up the UI Navigation partnership, an innovative collaboration to help working people navigate the Unemployment Insurance (UI) process and train workers on their UI rights.

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In July, ESD is spotlighting the Washington State Labor Council’s growing program supporting workers with UI needs, both by offering trainings for workers and union staff, and by providing hands on support. UI Navigator Michael Pichler and former Workforce Development Director Kairie Pierce sat down with ESD to share some of the WSLC’s background in workforce development work, and their hopes for the UI navigator program.

Throughout the month, ESD and the WSLC will be sharing information about this program. Convention delegates will have the opportunity to learn more in-depth about UI navigation and related workforce development work at the 2024 WSLC Convention convening in Wenatchee on July 16.

As the program expands, ESD, the WSLC, and all the labor and community orgs in this partnership are working to raise awareness of this new resource for working people.

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