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‘Imperfect storm’ has eroded faith in the U.S. Postal Service

PMG DeJoy must be held accountable, but understaffing and turnover play role   By MARK DIMONDSTEIN (March 16, 2021) — The mail system is in chaos. Postal workers are tired and frustrated. Customers are angry. Despite the courageous efforts, hard work and dedication of postal workers throughout this dangerous pandemic, service has deteriorated to levels […]

Washington campaign workers uniting for better pay, benefits

By CONOR BRONSDON (March 12, 2021) — For too long, campaign workers have been the exploited gig workers of politics. Unpaid internships, grueling hours, toxic and unsafe workplaces, lack of health care, and low wages have been the norm. Democrats, purportedly the major party of workers, have talked a big game, but many of the […]

An energized safety movement steps up for essential workers

By LIN NELSON (March 11, 2021) — A reinvigorated safety and health movement is taking on the long historic injustice of work-related illness, injury and death. It’s also digging deep into structured inequality to reveal the race/class/gender discrimination that shapes that inequality in both small and screamingly obvious ways. During this pandemic we became newly […]

Legislators can right this historical wrong

Farm workers were excluded from the New Deal. The Legislature can fix that.   By JEFF JOHNSON (March 9, 2021) — Eighty-five years ago, farmworkers and domestic workers were excluded from the New Deal legislation that provided a measure of economic security and a means for working people to accumulate some wealth while helping to […]

Biden, Congress must maintain mission of Social Security, USPS

By JACKIE BOSCHOK (Feb. 15, 2021) — Beginning in 1935, seniors were able to depend on a check from the Social Security Administration, arriving once a month and delivered by a unionized letter carrier. The two truisms became woven into the fabric of the American promise: work hard, pay your fair share, and you could […]

I’m a Union leader and a Black woman. Here’s why I got the COVID-19 vaccine.

By SHERRONDA JAMERSON (Jan. 15, 2021) — On Jan. 2, I received my first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I’m a Mental Health Practitioner Clinical Specialist at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle  where I’ve worked for the past six years. I currently sit on the Harborview Ethics […]

Take care of our nurses, so they can take care of us

Washington’s hospitals can — and must — do better by their nurses and health care workers if we want to keep them amid this COVID-19 shortage.   By SALLY WATKINS and EILEEN CODY (Jan. 12, 2021) — Washington, like every other state, is facing a dire shortage of nurses as COVID-19 cases push hospitals to […]

Seniors stand ready to support pro-worker legislation in 2021

Lessons learned from 2020: We need access to affordable health care, reliable internet access, and our pensions protected.   By JACKIE BOSCHOK (Jan. 11, 2021) — We have all learned a lot this past year and have been forced to face some ugly truths that may have gone ignored for even longer. For me, three […]

A punishing time of pain — and promise

2020 has illuminated our challenges and the power of unions to confront them   By APRIL SIMS (Dec. 15, 2020) — I’m just going to say it: 2020 was a difficult year for most of us and we are anxiously counting down to 2021 in the hope that it will bring some relief — two […]

We must invest in post-COVID Washington

If state lawmakers choose austerity budget cuts in 2021, they will harm our quality of life and prop up a rigged, unethical tax code   By LARRY BROWN (Dec. 14, 2020) — This week, Washington is expected to receive its first shipment of COVID-19 vaccines. It will take months for all of us to get […]


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