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2019’s freshmen legislators hit ground running in Olympia

By APRIL SIMS Secretary Treasurer’s Column from the WSLC 2019 Legislative Report With the current federal administration, the rights we hold dear as Americans and as working people are under attack. We worked hard in 2018 to make sure that those elected to our State Legislature would reflect the needs of Washingtonians, and would reject […]

Labor-environment alliance still strong, getting major wins

By LARRY BROWN President’s Column from the WSLC 2019 Legislative Report On a beautiful, sunny afternoon in May, I stood behind Governor Jay Inslee as he signed some landmark climate and clean energy policies into law. I was proud to do so, alongside other representatives a labor and a diverse coalition of environmental and community […]

The Soul of a Union Man

Retiring USW president reflects on what it meant — and still means — to be Union   By LEO W. GERARD PITTSBURGH (July 12, 2019) —  I was raised in a company house in a company town where the miners had to buy their own oilers – that is, rubber coveralls – drill bits and […]

Boeing’s cost-cutting business model is failing

Will Boeing make great products, which generate cash flow, or will it continue being a company that generates great cash flow — and makes airplanes?   By STAN SORSCHER (July 8, 2019) — Employees come to work to do their jobs. We aren’t usually aware of workplace culture, even over a span of years. We […]

Union makes a difference at legal services, advocacy nonprofits

By ERIN RADFORD, YOSEF NEGASI, CHELSEA HICKS and ELIZABETH FLAVIN (July 3, 2019) — Many members of Nonprofit Employees United (NEU), a division of the Office & Professional Employees International Union, are employed at legal services and advocacy nonprofits. We’ve secured workplace policies and procedures that make our legal services and advocacy nonprofits more inclusive, […]

It’s time for Washington state to restore the 40-hour workweek

New state rules will finally reverse the trend toward less overtime pay. And that will be good for everyone.   By REP. NICOLE MACRI (July 2, 2019) — Washington state just took a big step to bring back the 40-hour workweek: The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has released a bold plan to restore overtime […]

Solidarity with trans community honors LGBTQ Pride’s history

Our actions can transcend, counteract the violence that trans people face daily   By APRIL SIMS (June 28, 2019) — As we mark the culmination of Pride Month, we remember that Pride started as a riot, led by poor and working-class black and brown trans women like Marsha P. Johnson, who galvanized a burgeoning gay […]

Freedom Foundation keeps spending, failing

One year after Janus, the right-wing group’s plan to destroy unions in Washington and along the West Coast is a complete failure. In fact, its backfiring on them.   By PETER STARZYNSKI (June 18, 2019) — The Olympia-based Freedom Foundation has been making frivolous claims about the success of the anti-union campaign it has been […]

Washington leads the way (again) on restoring overtime pay

For too long, bosses like me have had the power to force employees to work overtime for free. It’s time to restore overtime pay to help rebuild the middle class.   By NICK HANAUER (June 11, 2019) — American workers deserve an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work, and once again Washington state […]

Making sense of NAFTA and its replacement

Why we need new economic policies before we can fix trade deals   By STAN SORSCHER (June 10, 2019) — In 2016, Donald Trump’s trade message was very simple: the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was the worst trade deal ever negotiated. He has renegotiated NAFTA, rebranding the deal as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement […]


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