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Urgent action alert: NO CUTS in Social Security!

The Alliance for Retired Americans and Social Security Works – Washington have distributed the following urgent Action Alert in response to news reports that President Obama and some Congressional Democrats are considering cutting Social Security benefits as part of a deficit-reduction compromise — even though the two issues are unrelated.


Please contact the White House with the message: Do not agree to cuts to Social Security benefits for present and future Social Security recipients. Social Security did not create the deficit and cutting Social Security is unnecessary and immoral. Click here to contact the White House or call (202) 456-1414.

Please contact Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell (or your U.S. Senators if you don’t live in Washington), and your U.S. Representatives immediately with the message: Please do not support any agreement negotiated by the White House that would cut Social Security benefits. We are counting on you to prevent damage to our essential safety net programs.


Click here to contact Sen. Murray or call (202) 224-2621 or (866) 481-9186.

Click here to contact Sen. Cantwell or call (202) 224-3441 or (888) 648-7328.

Click here to find your Congressional Representative and get their contact info.

Please act quickly and forward this message to your friends, family and co-workers, asking them to send messages as well. Thank you.

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3 Comments for “Urgent action alert: NO CUTS in Social Security!”

  1. DONE: As requested, I messaged our DemocRats (Murray, Cantwell, Dicks) and our closet-GOPorker president — not that it will do any good.

    Obviously the fix is in…and just as obviously we’re fucked, especially those of us who are elderly, disabled or chronically impoverished and therefore — from the perspective of the capitalist-pig fat-cats who own the politicians — no longer exploitable for profit.

    Cutting Social Security will literally kill people, targeting the victims by age and income and therefore (given the relationship between race and wealth) by ethnicity. In this regard it’ serves the same purpose as the Nazi death camps — and there’s no doubt the politicians know it.

    But no one in the Ruling Class Media has the guts to call it what it is: genocide.

    Loren Bliss

    • Marco

      I agree with Loren. As a disabled person living on social security I understand the fear and pain people are going through when social security is threatened. We earned our social security, entitlement is an earned source of income. Now the fascist republicans and neo-cons have managed to take over enough of our government to threaten all Americans. It is time for revolution, I’m ready, where do I report?

  2. Rich Austin

    Social Security are funds we lent to the government to use while we were working. The government owes us our money. And we did more! We had government take part of our contributions to help those who were/are unable to make sufficient contributions due to physical or mental handicaps. We are moral and ethical.

    Contrast our sense of communtiy to whatever the neoliberals in D.C. are doing. For starters they are assisting in the double-cross on present and future seniors. (If they are moral or ethical then pigs fly – even the ones with lipstick.) We are being jobbed! Whining, sniveling, or stamping our feet won’t change anything. We need to get militant [again].

    What seniors should do is picket! We should picket banks and block access to B of A, Chase, and the whole thieving bunch.

    We should picket (block) freeway on ramps and totally screw up the flow of commerce. Ditto for government offices, factories, rail lines, for-profit hospitals, and every single arms manufacturer….including Boeing! Shut commerce down!

    The only thing that will get the attention of capitalist sociopaths (and their stooges in government) is to interrupt their flow of profits. That is the only thing they fear. If we hurt their profit lines they will back off. They have nothing else to offer! They produce nothing! They make money from our toil! Turn off the spigot to their profits and we’ll win justice! (The capitalists will understand that justice is the only thing that will get their profit spigots flowing again.)

    C’mon seniors, let’s picket. Let’s see if our government will throw us in jail (again and again). Let’s show the fakers and pie cards and the phonies in Congress and in legislatures across our land what real militancy looks like.

    Let’s stop letting “them” screw “us”!

    My name is Rich Austin. I am a retired longshoreman, and I approve (and wrote) this message.

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