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Fred Meyer, Teamsters reach tentative agreement

The following was distributed Tuesday afternoon by Teamsters Local 117.

PUYALLUP (Oct. 4) — Teamster grocery warehouse workers reached a tentative 3-year agreement with Fred Meyer late yesterday afternoon for a contract affecting 362 workers at Fred Meyer’s grocery distribution center in Puyallup.

The Union’s bargaining committee, which consists of nine rank-and-file members and five Union staff, unanimously recommends that the membership approve the proposed settlement.  The workers will vote on whether to ratify the agreement on October 15 and October 16.

Teamsters Local 117’s Secretary-Treasurer, Tracey A. Thompson, commented on the tentative agreement:

“We are pleased that Fred Meyer ultimately came to the table yesterday ready to bargain.  I want to thank our Teamsters brothers and sisters and our many community partners for their incredible support.  In the end, it was the strength and solidarity of the Fred Meyer workers that really mattered.  These workers were willing to risk their livelihoods to achieve a fair contract, which is what made this recommended offer possible.”

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