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Hertz terminates 25 Muslim workers; Teamsters file ULPs

The following was distributed Thursday, Oct. 20 by Teamsters Local 117:

TUKWILA — Hertz mailed termination letters to 25 Muslim workers today who had been suspended on Sept. 30 for not complying with a unilaterally implemented break policy.

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Hertz implemented the policy without notifying or bargaining with Teamsters Local 117, the union that represents these workers.  The policy required the workers to clock out for intermittent prayer breaks, which the union says violates the workers’ contractual rights.

“Hertz has violated our contact, violated labor laws, and even violated their own internal policy by not adhering to the principle of progressive discipline when workers were suspended without warning. Hertz then fired these workers after giving them an unconscionable ultimatum: choose between your livelihood and your dignity,” Thompson said.

Teamsters 117 is challenging the terminations through the contractual grievance and arbitration process.  The union also has filed several Unfair Labor Practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board, and is filing religious discrimination complaints with the EEOC.

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