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On Tuesday, tell McKenna & Rove to keep dirty politics out of our state

On Tuesday, Republican Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful Rob McKenna will join the State Republican Party in welcoming George Bush’s “Architect” Karl Rove for their fall fundraiser. Backed by the Tea Party, the infamously anti-labor Koch Brothers, and now Karl Rove, shame on Rob McKenna for joining forces with these right-wing extremists while attempting to maintain the premise that he is a “moderate” Republican.

TAKE A STAND! Attend a rally in Bellevue on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. outside the State Republicans’ “Blueprint for Success” fundraiser, where state residents will send Karl Rove and Rob McKenna a message: Keep your dirty politics out of our state! Meet opposite the Bellevue Westin Hotel, at the corner of N.E. 6th St. and Bellevue Way.

Ambassador Joe Wilson will participate in the rally. Wilson and his wife, Valerie, know more than most about the devastating effects of Karl Rove-style politics — and it didn’t end with the Bush administration. With his SuperPAC Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove is spearheading a new era of dirty politics based on big money and secret donors.

For more information about McKenna’s record, see McKenna’s no moderate on workers’ issues (The Stand, June 9).

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