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Sign petition to stop the secrecy on latest round of trade talks

In early May, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk will host the 12th round of negotiations of the TransPacific Free Trade Agreement (known as the TPP) in his hometown of Dallas, where he served as mayor. More than 600 corporations will be at the negotiating table — and no one else has even been permitted to see a draft of what’s on the table.

Trade justice activists across the country are calling for negotiators to release the draft agreement and stop the secrecy of the TPP. Thousands have already signed a petition calling for transparency.

TAKE A STAND! Please add your voice! Click here and sign the petition. Also, please forward this link/message to your members, friends and family and encourage them to sign it.

Our shared goal is to collect 10,000 signatures to be delivered on May 8 when the TP-FTA negotiations open in Dallas. Please sign now!

For more information, visit the Washington Fair Trade Coalition website.

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