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Tell Verizon to stop being so VeriGreedy

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (May 3) — Thousands of working families are gathering outside the Verizon shareholder meeting here this morning, to protest the company’s “VeriGreedy” treatment of customers, workers and taxpayers.

Even as Verizon tripled the compensation of CEO Lowell McAdam to $23.1 million last year, the corporation was outsourcing U.S. jobs, gutting worker pensions and charging current and retired employees and their families thousands of dollars more for health benefits while cutting disability coverage. Verizon employees have been struggling to win a new contract for nearly a year.

Verizon, a $100 billion company, paid no federal income taxes in 2010 — but that didn’t stop the corporation from socking customers with a new $30 fee to upgrade phones, giving Verizon another $1 billion a year.

You can take part in the action today by calling Verizon executives at 800-229-9460. Tell them it’s the hard work of tens of thousands of customer support representatives, technicians, electricians and other workers that has fueled Verizon’s success. Let Verizon know the corporation’s workers should not be punished with job cuts and increased health care and benefit costs while Verizon executives get huge pay raises and the company sits on $14 billion in cash holdings and short-term investment.

TAKE A STAND!  Call 800-229-9460 now to record a message that will be delivered directly to Verizon executives.

After you have left your message for Verizon executives, support local Verizon workers by attending protests today (Thursday, May 3) at:

SEATTLE — 3:30 p.m. at the Verizon Wireless store downtown at 6th and Olive. Get details.

TACOMA — 5:30 p.m. at the Verizon Wireless store at 4009 Tacoma Mall Blvd. Get details.

If you live outside of Washington state,  click here to find a Verizon event in your area.

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