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Grassroots effort exposes real Republican agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Aug. 23) — On the weekend before the Republican National Convention, working families will kick off the national 2012 grassroots canvasses across the country to talk to their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers about the radical Romney/Ryan agenda that will outsource jobs, end Medicare and raise taxes on middle class families to give tax cuts to millionaires.

Over the weekend working families will talk to people at 640,000 homes in 23 states.  And for the first time ever Workers’ Voice will partner with Political Action for canvassing and will be sending a convention guide direct mail piece.

“Working families talking to their neighbors, co-workers, friends and families is kryptonite to the radical right-wing agenda,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.  “We’ll be breaking through the noise of misleading ads paid for by wealthy special interests, and letting voters hear from the people they trust most on the economic issues they care about.  That’s how working families will win this election and lift up the middle class.”

“The Republican National Convention is going to try and hide their real agenda,” said Workers’ Voice Executive Director Mike Podhorzer.  “But working families will be hitting the streets and combining old fashioned energy with cutting edge technology to ensure people know the truth about the Romney/Ryan radical right wing agenda to outsource jobs and end Medicare.”

“MoveOn members are deeply concerned about the Romney-Ryan ticket’s extreme 1% agenda — that’s why there’s so much member enthusiasm for the door-to-door canvass that starts this weekend,” said Political Action Executive Director Adam Ruben. “We see the GOP convention as an opportunity to start a conversation. As swing voters talk with us, face-to-face, about Romney and Ryan’s extreme positions, we’ll limit the bounce Republicans gain from their convention.”

The Canvass Leaflets & Mail Piece Will Highlight:

Outsourcing — The Romney/Ryan plan would send 800,000 jobs a year overseas by giving companies incentives to outsource. Romney is considered a “pioneer” of outsourcing – he sent thousands of jobs overseas as CEO of Bain Capital.

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy — The Romney/Ryan plan would raise taxes on the middle class by $2,000 to pay for an average of $250,000 in tax cuts for millionaires.

Ending Medicare — The Romney/Ryan plan would gut Medicare, costing families thousands of dollars in additional premiums while lowering the quality of care.

Jobs Lost — The Romney/Ryan plan would result in America losing 4.1 million jobs in the next three years.

According to Podhorzer, following the weekend’s national mobilization launch, working families will focus in more detail on the above issues in neighborhoods, worksites, and online to further highlight the disastrous Romney/Ryan agenda for working Americans.

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