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Edgewater Hotel workers in Seattle seek respect at work

SEATTLE (Oct. 29) — Dozens of workers from the Edgewater Hotel, community allies and UNITE HERE Local 8 members from around the city marched outside the hotel on Oct. 25 in support of better wages, continued healthcare, job security and respect on the job. Plus, for the first time ever, supporters of the hotel’s workers took their message to the waterside of the hotel — on a boat!

Some 200 workers at one of Seattle’s most iconic — and expensive — hotels are seeking the same standards that workers at the city’s other unionized hotels have: living wages, continued benefits and job security, which includes a guarantee that they can keep their jobs if the hotel is sold. Such a guarantee is commonly found in union contracts in Seattle, and ensures that good union jobs won’t be replaced with poverty wage jobs in the future.

But after more than a year of contract negotiations, Edgewater management has refused to agree to such a contract.

Now Edgewater workers are taking action and are urging their supporters in the community to stand with them. Here’s what you can do:

  • Sign the pledge to stand in solidarity with the Edgewater workers during this labor dispute.
  • Contact UNITE HERE Local 8 if you have any upcoming events at the Edgewater. The union can discuss the labor dispute with you and how it relates to your event.
  • Use “force majeure” contract language when you negotiate a contract for your future events at any hotel. This will avoid complications and protect your organization from negative effects of labor disputes.
  • Stay tuned to for notices of more rallies like the Oct. 25 event and attend to show support for the Edgewater workers.

Thank you for supporting Edgewater workers. For more information, email Local 8’s Anita Nath or call her at 206-224-5738.

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