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Women’s Committee seeks scholarship, award nominees

The Washington State Labor Council Women’s Committee is seeking candidates to receive specialized training — and special recognition — for women in leadership positions at their unions.

13-SIUW-SeattleThe committee is offering four scholarships to the 32nd Annual Western Regional Summer Institute for Union Women (SIUW) being held this year at the University of Washington in Seattle on June 25-29. Sponsored by the AFL-CIO and the United Association for Labor Education, this week of in-depth courses, workshops, solidarity and fun will honor, strengthen, and support women in the labor movement.

At least 125 union women from the western United States will attend SIUW 2013, which will feature core classes on collective bargaining, labor’s legislative agenda, organizing, strategic campaigns and labor law, plus workshops on everything from civil disobedience to women’s labor history to the Affordable Care Act. Learn more, including how to register, here.

The WSLC Women’s Committee scholarships include tuition, room-and-board provided at the facility, and reasonable travel expenses. No time loss will be paid. Participants must be able to take vacation or union leave. Download the scholarship application and return it, along with a 100-word or less letter from the applicant explaining why you’d like to attend. The deadline for submissions is May 9.

In addition, the WSLC Women’s Committee is seeking nominees for the 2013 Elsie Schrader Award for the advancement of women in leadership roles and/or for activism on behalf of women within the labor movement. Nominees for this award must meet at least three of the following criteria:

  • Served a minimum of two years in a leadership/activism with their local union;
  • Performed an outstanding service, which commands recognition, within the labor community;
  • Served in a leadership role on the passage of legislation benefiting organized labor and/or the community;
  • Took a leadership role in advanced critical issues such as worker safety, minimum wage, comparable worth, human services/needs, environmental health, prevailing wage
  • Participated in educational projects either through their local union or through some other labor organization
  • Served as a leader in organizing either through their local union or through some other labor organization.

Nicole Grant of IBEW Local 46 won the 2011 Elsie Schrader Award.

Download a nomination form for the Elsie Schrader Award. The deadline for nominations is June 1. The award will be presented at the WSLC’s 2013 Convention to be held July 25-27 at the Vancouver Hilton Hotel.

If you have questions about the scholarships or the award, please contact Women’s Committee staff liaison Kairie Pierce (via email) at 360-943-0608.

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