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Volunteer for Labor’s Voice activities this fall

Labors-Voice-logo-WSLC-web(Aug. 28, 2014) — Labor’s Voice, the Washington State Labor Council’s grassroots political action program, is continuing to reach out to voters across the state and explain which candidates have earned working families support, and why. And NOW is the time to get our your calendars and make plans to volunteer for phone banks and neighborhood walks.

The Labor’s Voice schedule for General Election activities is now posted. Check it out and then volunteer online to participate. If you have questions, contact WSLC Field Mobilization Director Lori Province via email or by calling 206-351-2956.

“The economy and jobs is still the number one issue we hear on the phones and when we knock on doors, talking to people about the upcoming elections,” Province said. “We need to end the gridlock in Olympia, specifically in the Senate, so our state can make the investments in education and transportation that will boost Washington’s economy.”

LV-frontPhone banks begin Tuesday, Sept. 2 in many areas. And remember, this year Labor’s Voice volunteers are reaching out to ALL voters — not just union households — to explain which candidates have earned working families’ support. Plus, instead of juggling paper on the neighborhood walks, the neighborhood walks will get to use the program’s efficient new smart-phone app that has gotten rave reviews from participants in Primary Election walks.

The ambitious goal of Labor’s Voice is not only to target multiple legislative races across the state but to recruit at least 1% of every affiliated union’s members to volunteer for activities at least once. That means you can help your union reach that goal by volunteering now and recruiting a co-worker or two to do the same.

“Everyone can come out and with just a few hours in September and October. They will make a difference in how they and their neighbors will prosper in the coming years,” Province said. “There will be a flood of advertising, nasty media, and ugly mail pieces between now and November. The only way through that noise is to talk to voters at home, either at the door or on the phone about the issues that really matter to working people and our families.”

So check out the Labor’s Voice schedule, block out some time on your calendars, and volunteer!

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