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After two years, Tacoma Comm. College staff still seeks contract

Rally Thursday, take action to support TCC Student Support Staff


The following is from the Washington Federation of State Employees, Council 28:

WFSE-TCC-fair-contract-nowTACOMA (Oct. 16, 2014) — For more than two years Tacoma Community College (TCC) management has failed to negotiate a union contract with Student Support Staff. These WFSE/AFSCME members have voted two times in favor of unionization — yet TCC management has failed to negotiate fairly and settle a contract with them.

TCC management has refused to grant even the most basic fairness provisions of a union. A sample of the items they are refusing to settle are:

► Just Cause and Progressive Discipline

► Grievance procedure

► Stewards’ rights

► Fair workload and Staffing

► Job Security

They have even said that 10-year employees are still “temporary” employees.

The Student Support Staff help students every day — without just cause and with unfair pay. It’s time for TCC management to stop stalling and playing games with Student Support Staff negotiations.


1. Send a message to Tacoma Community College on Facebook:

Here’s how it works:

► In Facebook, search for Tacoma Community College (

► Scroll down the left column to locate and click on “Write Review”

► RATE (1-5 stars) the college for the way they’re treating Student Services employees and leave a message.

transue-pamela2. Send TCC President a message. Call NOW!

Call Tacoma Community College President Pamela J. Transue at 253.566.5100. Tell her: “I am calling because I am very concerned that after two years of negotiations TCC management has failed to settle a union contract with Student Support Staff. This is shameful and unfair. I expect far more from an institution of higher learning. Be fair. Negotiate now. Settle this union contract.”

3.  Attend the Stand in Support Of Student Support Staff rally TODAY at Tacoma Community College.

► When: Thursday, Oct. 16 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

► Where: Tacoma Community College (TCC) sign on South 19th Street. (Parking may be available in the Rite Aid and Fred Meyer parking lots near the intersection of S. 19th and Mildred Street).

► What:  Join us to tell Tacoma Community College President Transue: “Two years of negotiations and backwards bargaining will not stand in our community!”

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