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It’s time for lawmakers to correct our state’s revenue system

OLYMPIA (March 27, 2015) — Debate on Washington’s state budget for the next two years kicks into high gear today with the release of the House budget proposal, just one month from the scheduled end of the 2015 legislative session on April 26.

Our state’s population and costs and demands for state services continue to grow, as they have for the past two decades. Tax revenue, however, has not kept up with these demands and has dropped significantly in proportion to the state economy. Recent state budgets have ignored our broken system and cut billions of dollars in funding for our infrastructure, schools, colleges, public safety, mental health, and other critical services our families rely on.


Meanwhile, Washington system’s tax system has become the most unfair tax system in the nation. The wealthiest 1% pay just 2.4% of their total income in state taxes. Middle-class families pay four times that rate, and low-income families pay seven times that rate. Low-wage and middle-class workers pay their fair share toward revenue. But corporations and those who’ve made record profits simply aren’t paying their fair share.

State legislators are now at a crossroads. They cannot keep the multitude of corporate tax loopholes that prevent revenue for services. Legislators must also vote for increased revenue from those who aren’t paying their fair share to pay for education and state services.

TAKE A STAND!  Please click here to send an email urging your district’s state legislators and the governor to correct Washington’s revenue system.

Some politicians say we don’t need more revenue, and we can continue providing existing services with less and less money to pay for it. That’s fuzzy-headed economics and the State Supreme Court is threatening to find our state legislators in contempt of court for not upholding their constitutional duty to provide for public education, mental health services, and other important priorities.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Please take action TODAY to correct Washington’s revenue system.

Thank you.

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