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First-ever union contract sets new standard for cannabis workers

The following is from the UFCW blog:

TACOMA (June 17, 2015) — Workers at the Cannabis Club Collective, a medical marijuana dispensary in Tacoma, have approved the first-ever union contract for cannabis workers in Washington state and have joined UFCW Local 367. The vote to approve the contract was unanimous, and sets a new standard for cannabis workers in Washington.


“We’re going to set a high bar for our industry with a contract that’s fair to both workers and to owners,” said Tim Moisio, a four year employee and member of the bargaining committee. “Cannabis jobs should be good, family-supporting jobs and our contract ensures that.”

The three-year contract includes regular raises, affordable health insurance, paid vacations and sick leave, as well as seniority and grievance protections. It also will include a pension plan to guarantee secure retirements beginning in 2017.

Jagielo-Denise“Workers have rights regardless of the industry they are in,” said UFCW Local 367’s President Denise Jagielo. “We look forward to working with the members at Triple C, and other dispensaries, to protect their wages and benefits, and to create a safe work environment.”

“The whole process has been outstanding,” said Moisio. “We’re looking forward to standing together in our union for years to come.”

For more information about UFCW Local 367, visit their website.

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