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Sign the Passenger/Driver Bill of Rights in the Uber economy

The following is from Working Washington:

WW-pass-driver-bill-of-rights(Sept. 23, 2015) — Hundreds of people have already added their names to the Passenger/Driver Bill of Rights, which spells out basic principles that everyone in the Uber economy should be able to expect — like safe transportation, living wages, open communication, privacy, nondiscrimination, and a voice in the rules.

But too many of these rights aren’t yet reflected in the law. That’s because Uber and Lyft take advantage of a loophole to classify their drivers as “independent contractors” rather than employees — even though the app companies have total control over access to customers, they get to set the minimum payment for a ride, the pay per mile and per minute, and they set the price of insurance.

TAKE A STAND — Please take a moment to add your name to the Passenger/Driver Bill of Rights.

By working this “independent contractor” loophole, these companies avoid the responsibilities that other employers have to their employees — including fundamental rights like minimum wage and the right to organize. Meanwhile, Uber alone was recently valued at $51 billion. Uber and Lyft offer extraordinary convenience, but corporate loopholes aren’t an innovation. Passengers have a right to know that their fare dollars are going to support good jobs and living wages for drivers, not just multibillion-dollar valuations for investors in the app-based economy.

That’s why Working Washington is asking every Seattle City Councilmember and council candidates to add their names to the Bill of Rights and show they support innovative approaches to close this $51 billion loophole in the basic rights of passengers and drivers. Click here to see who’s signed so far.

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