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Wash. State Labor Council urges rejection of Tim Eyman’s I-1366

(Oct. 9, 2015) — In just one week, county auditors will begin mailing ballots for the 2015 general election to voters. As part of its efforts to publicize which candidates/ballot measures have earned labor endorsements — and why — the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is conducting Labor Neighbor phone banks and neighborhood walks. It is also sending mailings and distributing literature to union households.

Case in point: unions from across the state unanimously voted to oppose I-1366, the latest ballot measure from initiative salesman Tim Eyman. At a time when state lawmakers are under court order to improve public education funding — and Eyman is hoping to avoid criminal charges for breaking state election laws — his I-1366 threatens to blow an $8 billion hole in the budget unless lawmakers change the State Constitution to require a two-thirds supermajority for all tax increases. Essentially, it’s blackmail. Eyman is attempting to coerce legislators who believe in majority rule to abandon that principle or face a dramatically worse budget crisis.

NO-on-1366-flierThe WSLC has prepared a NO on I-1366 flier explaining why this is such a bad idea. This flier is customizable for WSLC-affiliated unions that would like to send it to their members with their union logo and message. Contact the WSLC for more information.

Here is the text of the flier:

Initiative 1366 is another bad idea from Tim Eyman and his wealthy benefactors that would force lawmakers to either change our Constitution — allowing a handful of ideological legislators to dictate the agenda for our entire state — or face $8 billion in harmful cuts to schools and essential services. I-1366 is a false choice that takes Washington backward.

Massive cuts to schools and services

I-1366 will cause more partisan gridlock and blow an $8 billion hole in the state’s budget over the next 6 years, leading to devastating cuts to our schools, colleges and other programs.

An unfair hurdle to tax reform

I-1366 would block changes to our regressive tax system and allow extremists from either party to block efforts to make taxes more equitable for middle- and low-income families,
or to help small businesses by replacing outdated B&O taxes.

Constitutionally flawed and costly

Tim Eyman’s latest idea is so flawed that it will likely be found unconstitutional; costing state taxpayers millions of dollars.

A bipartisan coalition opposes Initiative 1366

I-1366 is opposed by AARP Washington State | Washington State Democrats | Mainstream Republicans of Washington | League of Women Voters of Washington | Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce | Sam Reed and Ralph Munro, retired Republican Secretaries of State | Dan Evans, retired Republican Governor | King County Executive Dow Constantine | Senate Democratic Leader Sharon Nelson | Washington State Labor Council | League of Education Voters | Washington Council of Fire Fighters | Washington Conservation Voters

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