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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Urge senators to pass it (again)

OLYMPIA (March 8, 2016) –Happy International Women’s Day!

And what better way to celebrate than by taking a stand for gender equality at work?

The Washington Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is close to becoming law. The Washington State Senate stood with pregnant workers and their families earlier this session by passing SB 6149 unanimously, as did the House. But now the Senate must pass it again, and concur with changes made in the House, before this Thursday’s scheduled end of the session.

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pregnant-employeeThe Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (SB 6149) would require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers, allowing pregnant women to stay in the workforce without risking their own health or the health of their babies.

The Senate unanimously passed SB 6149, sponsored by Sen. Karen Keiser (D-Kent), earlier this session. But the bill’s language was updated in the House to protect more women and to increase flexibility for workers and their employers to determine which accommodations will work for each situation. That means the Senate must now concur with that language — and with the session scheduled to end this Thursday, March 10, the Senate must ACT NOW to concur on SB 6149 or else it will die.

This bill is important for the protection and enhancement of maternal health for pregnant workers. The adjustments needed are small, but have big impacts. For example, making sure workers are allowed to drink water when necessary helps avoid dehydration, which reduces the risk of pre-term labor.

Celebrate International Women’s Day by sending a message to your senator today!

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