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VOTE TODAY (even if you lost your ballot)

(Aug. 2, 2016) — Time’s up!

Voter receiving ballot through mailAll union members, their families, and community supporters of livable wages, quality jobs, and safe communities should have returned their primary election ballots by today to support candidates who will fight for the same things. If you haven’t, today is your last day to fill out your ballot and return it via drop boxes before 8 p.m., by U.S. Postal Service postmarked today, or in person to the county elections offices. (Click here to find your County Auditor, their office hours, and/or the location of drop boxes near you.)

Can’t find your ballot? It was mailed to you three weeks ago, but if you can’t find it, you can still vote! Go online to My Vote and login with your name and birth date, then choose My Ballot. It will provide a link to an electronic ballot via your county auditor that you can fill out online, print, and mail or deposit in a drop box today.

As of Friday morning, voters had returned just 13 percent of the 4.1 million primary ballots that were mailed out, according to the Washington Secretary of State’s Office. Just over a third of Washington voters are projected to return their ballots. With such a small percentage of the state’s eligible voters likely to return their ballots, union members have a great opportunity to make sure that champions of working families advance to the General Election. (See the list of labor-endorsed candidates to find out who those champions are.)

For more information on why they are considered champions of working families, see previous postings at The Stand about key races for statewide office, Supreme Court, and Congress.

CHECK OUT THE UNION DIFFERENCE in Washington: higher wages, affordable health and dental care, job and retirement security.

FIND OUT HOW TO JOIN TOGETHER with your co-workers to negotiate for better wages, benefits, and a voice at work. Or go ahead and contact a union organizer today!