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OLYMPIA — Washington’s state employees are our hard-working friends and neighbors who keep our communities safe, care for the elderly and disabled, protect our children, maintain our roads and transportation system, instruct and serve students at state universities and colleges, and provide other essential public services. And right now, they need our support.

State legislators in Olympia are negotiating a biennial 2017-19 budget that will either value our public employees and the work they do — or won’t.

On Wednesday, April 19, public employees across Washington state are stepping out to Stand Up for Washington to send a powerful message to state lawmakers: fund public services, the safety net and public employee contracts. The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO urges all union members and community supporters of quality state services and the people who provide them to participate in these events and show their support!

TAKE A STAND! — Use this statewide event map to RSVP for a Stand Up for Washington event in your area. Enter your zip code to find an event near you. If you don’t find an event, email to learn how an event can be added. Also, see the instructions below on sharing your support for state employees on social media.

The following is background information from the Washington Federation of State Employees, Council 28 about the competing budgets in Olympia:

Which budget plan will prevail? Will it be the Senate Republican plan that rejects state employees’ raises, increases health costs, cuts services and employees? Or will it be the House Democratic plan that funds these contracts, holds the line on health costs, makes revenue changes and boosts many other areas?

Here’s a quick comparison showing the stark differences:

House Democratic budget (ESSB 5048):

  • Funds state employees’ negotiated and ratified General Government, Higher Education and Interpreter contracts.
  • Funds across-the-board raises of 6% over two years for General Government and Higher Education employees starting July 1, 2017. Approves negotiated improvements to annual leave (SHB 1434 and SHB 1521).
  • Funds targeted raises to address recruitment and retention and other issues for more than 10,000 in dozens of job classes.
  • Holds the line on health costs, per the negotiated contracts.
  • Supports public services. Saves Fircrest School. No massive ward closures at Western State Hospital. Adds positions in Childrens, Corrections, Ecology, and elsewhere. Invests in Higher Education. Increases cash assistance grant levels for TANF. More support for preventative maintenance in state Parks. Funding in Commerce to reduce homelessness.

Senate Republican version (SB 5048):

  • Rejects all General Government, Higher Education and Interpreter contracts.
  • Rejects all raises and leave improvements. In General Government and Higher Education illegally dictates renegotiations on pay (no more than the equivalent of $500 per year).
  • Rejects all targeted raises. Refuses to address recruitment and retention crisis. Rejects minimum wage.
  • Cuts funding for health benefits. Forces reductions in “actuarial value” of health plans: state employees would pay more for premiums, co-pays, deductibles.
  • Does not support the services state employees provide. Closes Fircrest School. Closes wards at Western State Hospital. Cuts in Corrections, Ecology, and elsewhere. Shreds the safety net by cutting help for the poor, the homeless, single mothers, public safety, housing, essential needs, and much more.

It doesn’t have to be this way. On April 19, step out and Stand Up for Washington! Use the Statewide event map to RSVP for an event at your worksite in your area. Participants will urge lawmakers to support the House Democratic budget (ESSB 5048).


  • Take photos of yourself and co-workers. Tag them #InvestInWA
  • Record short 30-sec videos on how are you standing up for public services. #PublicServiceMatters
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