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The rich are already done paying 2018 taxes, but you’re not

Take action today to urge lawmakers to clean up state’s upside-down tax code


OLYMPIA (Jan. 9, 2018) — They’re done.

As of today, the wealthiest people in Washington state have already worked long enough in 2018 to pay their share of taxes. Meanwhile, working people need another two months to do the same because of our state’s upside-down tax code that favors the rich. So today, corporate CEOs and other Washington royalty are holding a big party at the State Capitol to celebrate how little they have to pay in taxes.

It’s actually members and volunteers for All In for Washington, a statewide coalition to clean up the state tax code so that all communities in Washington thrive, who are throwing this satirical party. Dressed as monopoly people, kings and queens, and corporate CEOs, they will celebrate Washington’s upside-down tax code, eat cupcakes, interact with the public, and pose for pictures. Afterward, they will visit the offices of several key legislators to deliver cupcakes and certificates thanking them for protecting special deals for the wealthy. (Follow the fun on Facebook.)

TAKE A STANDCLICK HERE to support their cause are urge your legislators to clean up Washington’s tax code!

Six business days — that’s all the time the wealthiest households in Washington need to earn their share of state taxes for the entire year. Meanwhile, working families need more than two months to do the same.

Washington’s in last place. We have the most upside-down, regressive tax code of any state in the country where the rich pay the least and the poor and middle class make up the difference. Our tax code asks working people to pay up to 17 percent of their income in state and local taxes while the wealthiest pay less than 3 percent. That’s because powerful special interests have riddled the tax code with wasteful tax breaks and loopholes that siphon money out of our communities.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we work together, we can end wasteful tax breaks and ask the wealthiest to pay their share. With a tax code that works for all of us, we can invest in the foundations that build thriving communities across our state, like great schools, modern infrastructure, and affordable housing.

Email your legislators today and tell them to clean up Washington’s upside-down tax code!

► In today’s Seattle Times — We can fix our state’s broken, unfair tax system (by Ruth Lipscomb) — The things our communities need to thrive, like education, transportation, parks and libraries, are investments we make together through our taxes. We’re all better off when we all do our part. In the wake of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that will devastate millions of working and middle-income Americans, it’s time for Washington to clean up our tax code. We must do everything we can at home to protect what we love about our state and to build a brighter future.

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