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Join UFW’s Cesar Chavez march on Sunday in Sunnyside

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. — On Saturday, March 31, Washington state celebrated its first official Cesar Chavez Day.

On Sunday, April 8, the United Farm Workers union, which Chavez co-founded with Dolores Huerta, plans its annual march through the streets of Sunnyside to celebrate his life. As always, the UFW will honor his legacy by mobilizing thousands of people to demand rights for farm workers and immigrants, including decent working conditions, dignity and respect for the demanding work they do for our country, immigration reform, and ending immigration raids that divide families and make people live in fear.

TAKE A STAND — All are invited and encouraged to participate in the march, which will begin at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at Sunnyside’s Central Park, 559 S. 4th St. Help spread the word by downloading and sharing this event flier (also see Spanish version). Also check in at the event’s Facebook page.

Join farm workers, elected officials, labor unions, parishioners, community members, and other supporters at this family friendly march. For more information, call 614-390-9968.

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