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LERC seeks Labor Educators, Research Analyst/Grant Writer

SEATTLE (July 2, 2018) — In Washington state, there are more than 40 business schools in our colleges, but there is only one labor education program — the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center (WA-LERC) based at South Seattle College. And thanks to new funding from the State Legislature, WA-LERC is expanding its outreach, programs and staff by hiring two Labor Educators and a Labor Policy Research Analyst/Grant Writer.

These are exciting opportunities. The Labor Educators will plan and implement trainings and workshops with unions, community organizations, and campus programs. The Labor Policy Research Analyst and Grant Writer will seek funding and do research to further understanding of employment issues to support workers and unions in Washington state.

But don’t wait! Although these positions remain open until filled, the initial review of applications will begin this week. The Labor Center’s goal is to have these new staff members begin right after Labor Day. So apply now! All applications must go through the Seattle College District’s on-line human-resources system. Get more information about the specific duties and requirements for each position here: Labor Education (full-time), Labor Educator (temporary full-time), and Labor Policy Research Analyst/Grant Writer (temporary full-time).

WA-LERC offers labor education on the skills that are critical to union members – organizing, bargaining, steward training, economics, social justice. Its Emerging Leaders Conference led to the creation of WA YELL (Washington Young Emerging Labor Leaders) and has seen some of our best young leaders through its two days of training and networking. The Summer School for Union Women has been the gateway for women to rise in the labor movement for decades.

Countless activists, organizers, leaders, and rank-and-file members have benefited from programs that are developed specifically with and for particular unions. The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO has relied on WA-LERC for curriculum development in many areas, most recently with our Race and the Labor Movement training.

These open positions are an exciting opportunity to contribute to WA-LERC’s important mission. So apply today!

If you have specific questions about the positions or process, please email WA-LERC Interim Director Sarah Laslett.

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