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Join UFW Facebook event to support Darigold worker safety

UPDATE (Dec. 17, 2018) — If you missed last Friday’s video launch, check it out here. Then share it!

The following is from the United Farm Workers of America:

By now, you’ve heard about the Darigold campaign and Starbucks, which is a major buyer of the milk this huge co-op supplies. The unsafe and unhealthy practices at various Darigold dairies do not match with the reputation that Starbucks tries to put forward — practices like sexual harassment, violations of the law and long hours with no breaks.

Workers are escalating their campaign to take their complaints to the public and share the horror stories they’ve experienced. On Friday, Dec. 14 at noon, they are releasing a new video on UFW Facebook with a Facebook live watch party.

Zaira and Jorge, children of dairy workers, will introduce the video and talk about the issues their mothers and other dairy workers encounter. After the video, Darigold workers and UFW representatives will be on hand to answer any questions left in the comment section.

TAKE A STAND –You can participate in three ways:

1.  Share this announcement of the Dec. 14 Facebook live watch party on your social media channels and forward this announcement to encourage others to listen in. (Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook, Share on Instagram).

2.  Join the watch party and view the Facebook live event. Please ask any questions you have. If you have a Facebook account, click here to get a reminder notification about the watch party. If you are not on Facebook you can still go to this link on Friday, Dec. 14 at noon to watch.

3.  After the party, please share the Facebook video via social media and encourage others to watch it, too.

Starbucks has worked hard to create a reputation for allegedly responsible corporate behavior. Starbucks should live up to the values they preach.

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