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Join Farmworker Vigil outside Starbucks meeting on March 20

SEATTLE — The United Farm Workers union has been fighting for fair treatment for dairy workers at Darigold member farms by urging the dairy cooperative and its biggest customers to hold the farms accountable for the health and safety of the workers who supply the milk they profit from.

Starbucks, a major Darigold customer, so far hasn’t stepped up for farm workers. So on Wednesday, March 20, dairy workers and their community supporters will take their message directly to the Starbucks shareholders meeting in Seattle. As shareholders are inside reflecting on the $8.9 billion in dividends and stock buybacks they got in 2018, advocates for dairy workers will be outside holding a Farmworker Vigil from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on March 20 at WaMu Theater, 800 Occidental Ave. in Seattle.

All supporters of Washington dairy workers are invited and encouraged to participate. (RSVP or get more information at the Facebook event page.)

Among the farm workers from rural Washington who’ll be outside the Starbucks shareholder meeting will be Maria Gonzalez, a dairy worker and activist who fought back against sexual harassment — and won. Now she’s working to support the women and men still experiencing sexual harassment and other abuses as they labor to produce the milk we drink.

“The stores and restaurants that profit from the milk I was working to provide were never accountable for what happened to me,” Gonzalez said. “When you buy your mocha at Starbucks, don’t you want to know that the milk was produced without labor abuses, and that the coffee was harvested by people being treated fairly?”

All union members and supporters of farm workers are urged to join in the Farmworker Vigil on March 20. Can’t make it? Click here to send a message to Starbucks urging them to clean up their supply chain.

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