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Tell Boeing CEO to reinstate wrongly fired S.C. inspectors

The following is from the Machinists union (IAM):

CHARLESTON, S.C. (April 24, 2019) — Late last year before the holiday season, the Boeing Co. fired three flight readiness technicians/inspectors, who had recently voted to join the IAM, without just cause. These employees were allegedly terminated for missing a bird strike on an engine during a post-flight inspection. A subsequent FAA investigation supports the flight readiness inspectors’ assertions that there was no such evidence of a bird strike, as Boeing had claimed.

Boeing refuses to negotiate with 180 Flight Readiness Technicians and Inspectors in South Carolina, even after they voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM in May 2018.

TAKE A STAND Sign this petition to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg now to demand that Boeing return the three flight readiness technicians/inspectors to their positions and be made whole under any remedy available by the law.

EDITOR’S NOTE — Come on, Washington state. Let’s show our Brothers and Sisters in South Carolina what union solidarity is all about. Sign this petition now!

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