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Ask legislators to pass I-1000: Fairness, opportunity for all!

OLYMPIA (April 25, 2019) — Initiative 1000, an Initiative to the Legislature that would repeal Washington state’s I-200 ban on affirmative action policies, was unanimously endorsed at the Washington State Labor Council’s COPE Convention because Washington’s working families value fairness and shared opportunities for us all. I-1000 will ensure we all have access to better wages and jobs.

Today in Olympia, two committees are scheduled to take up I-1000 — and with time running out in this legislative session — it’s imperative that I-1000 supporters contact their state legislators NOW and urge them to pass I-1000 so that everyone in our state has access to better wages and jobs!

TAKE A STANDClick here to contact your Washington state legislators and urge them to pass I-1000!

I-1000 will prevent discrimination in public hiring and wage practices, prevent discrimination in public education, and ensure government contracts are awarded fairly. When underrepresented people in our community are denied chances to succeed in our workplaces, those lost opportunities hold us all back. We need the Legislature to pass I-1000 so that everyone in our state has access to better wages and jobs.

Hearings on I-1000 are being held today at 9 a.m. in the Senate Committee on State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections, and at noon at noon in the House Judiciary Committee. If you’re in Olympia, show your support by attending.

Please contact your state legislators NOW!

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