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A new leadership team is elected at UFCW 21

The following is from UFCW 21:

SEATTLE (May 16, 2019) — The members who make up the Board of Directors have elected Faye Guenther as the new President of UFCW 21. Faye became acting President last month after Todd Crosby, the former President, was appointed Organizing Director of UFCW International Union.

“We’ve worked with Faye since 2008 – bargaining strong health care, grocery store and other contracts, passing new laws and growing our union. We think it’s great that the largest UFCW in the nation now has a woman as President. Her experience as an Organizer, Staff Director, and most recently as Secretary Treasurer makes her very well-qualified to lead our union into the future,” said Kyong Barry from Albertsons and Gregg Barney from MultiCare, two of the 40-member board after the announcement.

Faye joined UFCW 21 in 1999 and helped organize many of the health care units in our union today. After graduating from law school in Oregon she returned to UFCW 21 in 2008. She has served as a Trustee of the health and pension plans and is a trusted and valued labor leader across Washington state and the nation.

Guenther will be joined by Joe Mizrahi who has been elected as the new Secretary Treasurer. Joe came to UFCW 21 in 2008 after graduating from law school. He has served as a Union Representative, Political Organizer, Political Director, and most recently Staff Director.

“We first met Joe back in 2008 when he became our Union Rep. He is energetic, smart and caring. More than anything he helped us become better leaders for our co-workers,” said Robin Hillistad from QFC and Emily Hunter from Macy’s, both members of the Executive Board.

UFCW 21 has been a leader in many of the advances made for workers in the last decade from the higher minimum wage, paid sick leave and marriage equality initiatives, to negotiating some of the standard-setting contracts for jobs in grocery store, health care, retail and other industries. UFCW 21 has over 46,000 members across the state of Washington and is the largest UFCW local in the nation. By growing our union, we are building a movement for the 21st century, an inclusive and democratic union that pushes for racial, gender, economic and political justice.

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