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Job openings at WA State Labor Education and Research Center

The following is from the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center:

SEATTLE (Aug. 7, 2019) — Thanks to strong support from our community, the Washington State Legislature has provided ongoing support through the coming biennium for an expanded Washington State Labor Education and Research Center. This funding will allow the Labor Center provide more training, and to conduct economic and policy research, on behalf of workers and union members statewide.

Please help the Labor Center find strong applicants for two key positions:

●  Labor Educator:  to design and conduct trainings, seminars, workshops and events for working people, unions, and community groups.

●  Labor Policy Researcher:  to conduct economic and policy research on behalf of Washington workers, labor and community organizations.

In order to carry forth the Labor Center’s education mission, the Labor Center particularly seeks candidates with history in our diverse community, and with fluency in more than one language. The Labor Center staff are employees of the South Seattle College; professional staff are represented by AFT-Seattle Professional Staff Local 6550.

These are great jobs, filling a great role in our movement.  Please share this message broadly. 

Full job descriptions and application procedures are linked above. Applications are open until Monday, Aug. 26. Application must be made through the Seattle Colleges via the links above, or here:

If you have questions about these openings, the hiring process, or the work of the Labor Center, email Adair Dammann at:  or call her at 206.409.1329.

Seattle Colleges are committed to recruiting dedicated faculty and staff who together create a welcoming academic climate that reflects the diverse backgrounds of our community, including ethnicity, national origin, religion, race, gender, gender identity, age, status as a veteran or disabled veteran, disability, political status, and sexual orientation.







Adair Dammann, Director

Washington State Labor Education and Research Center

South Seattle College

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